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Originally Posted by tphd View Post
OP post your current diet and workout regimen

My diet:

Breakfast: Weekdays is a granola bar and coffee. Weekends generally 3 egg white, 1 yolk and whole wheat toast.

Lunch: Sandwich Round (flat bread) with 4-6 oz of turkey or roast beef and a slice of cheese (no condiments), apple and nuts.

Dinner: Whatever my wife cooks. Ranges from Chili to baked chicken, etc. She generally doesn't cook unhealthy foods. My only complaint is when she'll have a meal that is primarily pasta. I have generally been attempting to eliminate carbs completely during my last daily meal.

I'm gonna be honest. Before this week is was doing a daily workout with essentially no cardio. Id do about 3 consecutive sets of 20-30 pushups, 3 sets of 15 curls/shoulder-press/flys/rows with 25 pound weights, 25-30 crunches and some resistance band exercises. The wife picked up a "Biggest Loser" (I know) DVD and I humored myself by doing this on alternating days. I'll do the cardio portion on the days I continue my above listed routine and I do the sculpt portion on the odd days. It's actually be relatively challenging... to the point where I don't see how a 300 pound homemaker could do it without having her heart explode...

I used to go to the gym extremely regularly in college. Of course the fact that it was built into my tuition and it was convenient was a plus. Now between my job (intern architect) and family responsibilities, I absolutely can't justify leaving the house for 1-2 hours per night and leaving my wife to take care of our two young children.
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Originally Posted by mm84321 View Post
Can you qualify this statement?

I'm a Type 1 diabetic. I have to inject insulin.
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It not as hard as you would think. Im 6'2 as well, and coming out of my first year of college I weight 240, pretty big, I was always chunky, but the college lifestyle added to it. Anyway, over the course of that summer I droped down to 203. Running and this is gonna sound so lame, but weight watchers is what I use. Im not hardcore into weight watcher, i just use the point system instead of counting cal's, you still need to try to eat very healthy though. But running is so key as well, as least 15k a week. I also find that I can drop weight so fast but also put it back on very quickly. I have dropped close to 15 pounds since Jan 10th and under 205, so maybe im just lucky.
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how many carbs should I eat per day?
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Originally Posted by fpr4 View Post
how many carbs should I eat per day?

Depends entirely on your diets macronutrient ratio. I'd advocate dropping out sugars and processed carbs (white flour, etc.), but that's just me and I'm partial to recommending that route b/c that's always worked for me. The most important thing is to get an adequate amount of protein while dieting, the rest is usually up to experimentation.

In the end what you want to focus on is the simple cals in < cals out. Maintain that deficit and results will follow.
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Anyone who wants, feel free to track my exercise/diet @ http://www.myfitnesspal.com/food/diary/fpr4

Comments are strongly encouraged.
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Originally Posted by TrH View Post
The most important thing is to get an adequate amount of protein while dieting, the rest is usually up to experimentation.

I'll quote myself after having taken a look at your goal macros - eat protein. You need it. Especially when dieting.
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I hear there's a new diet pill. It's rather large and it's made of cork. jokes. good luck though!
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If you have $40, I would suggest "The Dolce Diet." It was created by a MMA fighter who is now a nutritionist to many of the sport's top fighters, helping them eat to train, then eat to make weight, which involves drastic weight cuts in short periods of time, yet doesn't quite kill you. I have heard many good things and think it might work well for ya, given the amount of time you have to drop the weight. www.thedolcediet.com Good luck!
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anyone know where to pick up a cheap digital scale? This analog one isn't working for me...
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Hello to all.........

I decide a goal to increase my weight up to 20 pounds in three months.I need suggestions and tips about how to gain weight naturally with any extra thing.Will Yoga and meditation help me in this matter.Waiting for the responses all advices and suggestions are welcomed.......

Please sort out my this problem.
Kind regards
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I'm 6'5", went from 235+ to 180 in about 6 months, so you should be able to make your goal. Here's what worked for me. This isn't meant to be advice, just what I did, and I still am having some issues (just posted in a thread about how to get stronger and lose the rest of my love handles) but maybe it will give you some ideas.

I didn't "diet" at least in the sense of going along with some named program. I have a strong belief in eating traditional, natural foods, so I worked hard at that. Nothing processed, significantly lowered my intake of simple carbs like white breads, sugar, etc (even beer--just drank less of it), bumped up my intake of veggies, and ate more vegetarian meals in general (maximum 1 meat meal a day for me and often 0.).

A lot of this is more to do with my beliefs about the food system and health than dieting--I was already on board with a lot of this and was still fat. But really focusing on it and being able to say no to dessert and eating only until satiated (not full) helped. I was not crazy about tracking my eating. Mostly I ate any kind of food I wanted, other than processed foods or lots of sweets. The important thing I think is I realized I did not need so much food. Not every dinner had to be a big dinner, sometimes it could just be yogurt and fruit, maybe some nuts, or a quick salad with tuna or something.

Then I committed to exercising. Basically run every other day, and pushups on the off days. The running I did was mostly on a treadmill, using the hill program. Would jog the first 8 or so minutes and the last 5, walk on the flats and bump up the speed on the hills and go hard. Just 24-30 minutes. I started out jogging at 10 minute miles for the first 8 minutes and hitting the hills from 7.3-7.6 mph. Now I'm jogging at 8:15 minutes/mile and hitting the hills at 7.8-8.2 mph. I also mix in regular running either outside or on the treadmill. Started out doing 9+ minute miles for 2.5 or 2.75 miles, now I can whip out a 5k without too much trouble and do it at 8-830 minutes/mile. After a few weeks I really noticed my lung capacity increasing and the pounds started to fall off. The important thing to me felt like doing something every day. If I wasn't running, then at least I'd do some push-ups. And I ran every other day, maybe skipping a day here or there but was very consistent. For many people this is probably not very good performance, but I'm happy with what it's done for me and I am still improving. I was never an exercise nut so just doing it is a good step for me. Now I feel bad if I skip my day for running.

Anyway, I wish you luck. You will feel a lot better and a lot better about yourself if you get to a weight you are comfortable being at. You will also spend lots of money on new clothes so watch out (and waste some money too in those in-between periods if you lose a lot of weight). My driver's license has my weight from high school (180) and I never thought I'd get back to that. Now that I am, 12 years later, it's a good feeling.
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i went from 198 to current 159 in 8 months since last may. im keepin it off and im enjoyin my body to the max
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Originally Posted by Piobaire View Post
Why are you devoid of body hair?

Losing the weight is easy. Eat as very few simple carbs as you can, don't drink spirits but drink all the dry wine you want, make your diet about 60% veggies and 40% protein, but eat all you want. Thanks me later.

Pio why not spirits (straight) such as whisky, rums, tequilas ect when your suggesting dry wine (which other than having somewhat of a health benefit is still a form of alcohol)??

Say > 4-5 of the standard drink equivalents of either straight spirit or dry wine. If both drinking the same amounts of EtOH in say an evening and the spirits have less calories than equivalent wine I don't see where to go wrong?

I'd imagine ideally when dieting having avoiding excess of alcohol would be an idea, especially if you're drinking heavily before multiple nights a week.
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Simple, eat less exercise more. Special diets and what not don't work in the long term. My mother lost 15 pounds in the first 2 weeks when she started working out. If you find something you like, you can do it fast. I personally hate it, but a lot of folks love working out.
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