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Try to bring Ellen De Generes or Melissa Etheridge. Maybe this will get Mrs Rice closer to you.
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Hard Gay is a character created by comedian Masaki Sumitani.
The most well-known character developed and portrayed by Sumitani is Hard Gay (ハードゲイ), introduced in 2002, as whom he finally rose to national prominence in 2005. While the official name is "Razor Ramon HG", he is most frequently known as "Hard Gay", or simply HG. Dressing in a tight black leather outfit reminiscent of the Tom of Finland art, he goes around performing acts of charity (yonaoshi, "social improvement") for unsuspecting bystanders while performing trademark pelvic thrusts and vocalisations, often accompanied by "Livin' La Vida Loca" by Ricky Martin.
Many videos are available on YouTube for your perusal. Like THIS ONE. Hard Gay visits Yahoo! And no, Hard Gay isn't gay. He has come under attack from the gay Japanese community for portaying them as something to be "laughed at". But seriously... I don't think that anyone seriously believes that gay people act like that. And its friggin funny.
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A very explict instance of diminishing civil liberties would be when that man complained about the TSA head in the aeroport, and subsequently got escorted out or something.
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Originally Posted by marc237
A "U.S. out of Iraq" t-shirt if you wish to be removed, probably in hand-cuffs.

Hamnett meeting with Thatcher.
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If you wish to get noticed in a crowd
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