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Scrooge bastards....
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Originally Posted by iammatt
There are two really good pizza places if you are looking for very traditional Italian pizza (not pepperoni). My favorite is Delfina Pizzeria which is in the Mission. You need to wait for a table, but they let you drink on the street so it is OK. Fancier is A16, but I don't think that it is as good. Zachary's in Berkeley is supposed to be great, but I don't love it. Tommaso's is good and old San Francisco and has the advantage (I guess) of being next to a bunch of strip clubs.

For burgers I think that Mo's in North Beach is the best. I wouldn't really call it a restaurant, but it is very tasty. Some people swear by Taylor's at the Ferry Building, but I think that it is a big yuppy nightmare.

If you like Mexican food, La Tacqueria is an absolute must. It is a taco/burrito stand but very traditional. I would definitely be up for heading out there if we can come up with the right time.

The drive is a couple of hours to Monterrey.

  • la taqueria: +1 ...go for the lengua
  • zachary's in oakland and berkeley is all-time great chicago-style pizza. oh man.
  • barney's is good burgers, also in oakland and berkeley (or albany, not sure which, it's on solano ave.)
  • in oakland the barney's and zachary's happen to be about 1/2 block apart. that's my neighborhood, Rockridge.
  • mo's is good too. rotating grill - gotta love it. there's another rotating grill (at least there was several years ago) at a little hole in the wall on the main drag in sausalito as well.
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La Tacqueria was closed for the holiday season, but we went to one across the street that was really awesome. They have something written on their building about having the best tacos. The ceviche tostadas were really good but too crunchy, but the carnitas taco I got was amazing.

Lori's Diner up in the building across from H&M was awesome - by far the best corned beef hash I've ever had. Definitely check it out if you think you can survive a post Xmas sale trip downtown.
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been to lori's a couple times; it's good diner style food.

better, however, is Mel's diner (several locations).

i recently had some really good corned beef (in a reuben sandwich) at the Fat Lady, in Jack London Square.

oh, and I forgot to mention Chicken and Waffles, also found in Jack London Square.
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