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Tailored Shirt Questions - Input/Feedback Appreciated :)

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Hi guys,

A couple of quick questions, your input / advice is much appreciated.

I've just received a few of my tailored shirts from HK (an expensive tailor there, researched on SF of course, so I'd like them to be 'right') and have a couple of questions, both generic and specific to the shirts. Sometimes when I over analyse a shirt or suit too much I go crazy. So here goes...

1. During my 2nd fitting (with a template, not the finished product) I asked them to bring the shirt in at the sides. They have done so, however they've then brought it back out towards the bottom of the shirt. E.g. the shape of the shirt is now looking like )(. Seeing as though I dont have 'hips', when I tuck the shirt into my pants it seems to pucker a little around the sides where there is excess fabric. Should it essentially go straight down? Or it necessary for it to flare back out, albeit to a lesser extent?

2. The arms seem too long. When I fold the French cuffs (without cufflinks) and hang my arms down they finish in the arch where my thumb and index finger start. When I wear the shirt properly, it feels as though there is excess fabric bunching up behind the cuffs. Also, what are peoples thoughts on whether to have a button in the slit behind the cuff?

3. Perhaps an odd question - but button spacing. I don't think I've ever had this issue on other previous shirts. There is a button exactly on my belt line, so when I tuck the shirt in the button ends up resting on top of the belt / pants line, whereas the button should actually be sitting under the belt. So I have a bit of puckering at the front of the shirt. Not much I can do now (the other 2 are 'fixable'), but is there a standard button spread measurement, etc.?

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without photos, it is hard to assess.
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Ok, will post some photos tonight.
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Ok, here we go. For some reason my camera isn't taking very good pictures today.

This is after a day at work, so the shirt is looking a little creased!

The shirt:

Front - tucked in:

Back - tucked in:

Cuffs without cufflinks:

Front - untucked:

Back - untucked:
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Actually there are some good tailored shirts at very reasonable price in Shanghai too next time you could try buy from Shanghai . Regards
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I had limited time, so decided to go with one of the better known / reputable tailors in HK.

Can anybody please provide some guidance regarding my question?

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1. The flaring at the hips is pretty normal. Although you may think you have no hips, you do.

2. The sleeves do look to long to me.
3. Don't know, but my guess is that there is a standard spacing. No matter; if you're getting a shirt custom made, surely you can ask them to space the buttons any way you want.
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No gauntlet button will drive you crazy. I have a nice Hugo Boss shirt that I never wear exactly for that same reason. Nice shirt!
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