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London Shopping Report

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Just back from a week in London, where I spent far too much of my scarce funds on clothes. Some of the stuff I bought is more apropos for the streetwear forum, but I thought I'd just post here. I will try to supplement this post with photos later, if anyone is interested. Among the shops I visited were:

Harvey Nichols: found a designer called Nigel Hall whose sweaters and casual buttoned shirts fit me wonderfully. I picked up a blue shirt with light blue contrast stitching along the seams and pocket. Also picked up a Y3 track jacket at discount.

Paul Smith, Floral Street: What a store! So much more on offer than in the NY store, including a line called "The British Collection." I bought a blue striped shirt featuring a 3-button cuff and a longer straight collar, a wallet and an umbrella, as the weather didn't cooperate for much of the visit.

Harrod's: Bought a Drake striped scarf and a pair of bright blue Y3 trainers.

Ozwald Boateng, Vigo St: OK, I had to stop by after seeing "House of Boateng," and I'm glad I did. Some of the items there, I'd never buy. But I did buy a charcoal grey suit with very thin and subtle pinstripes in purpple and lime green. It's 2-buttoned with a high stance. Orange lining. The trousers feature pockets cut more like on jeans. I didn't think I'd care for that, but it looked good. Also bought a shirt and tie. As an aside, I asked the salesman about the status of setting up US stores. He claimed that stores in NY and LA are forthcoming in 2007. I'll believe it when I see it.

Richard James: a purple checked shirt. Unfortunately, they didn't have the suits I liked in my size. Very disappointed with that!

Also stopped by Lewin, Tyrwhitt and Pink and found nothing to my liking. T&A had many things to my liking, but alas, I had to exercise some self-control.

All in all, a successful, if possibly bankruptcy-inducing, visit.
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I'd like to see a shot of the Ozwald. Sounds great!
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wow, that sounds great. I'd be really interested in seeing pics of your haul, esp the OB suit! The Nigel Hall shirt also sounds interesting.

What price range is OB in the UK? which line is your suit from?
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Sounds great, right up my strasse. Next time, there's this thing called the Eurostar...
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GFM, sounds great, please post pics. The Ozwald suit sounds wonderful. BTW, is that you in your Avatar or Hamish Bowles, or do you just look that much like Hamish?
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He actually IS Hamish Bowles. So there.

Or is he Duncan Quinn?

Does Dunc have a London shop? Does he give you a discount?

Did you check out the new, new tailors like Segun Adelaja, Udeshi, and the rest? Curious what you thought. Also the odd British Tailoring Room at Horrids was kind of interesting -- did you see? How about Green?
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Thanks, all, for the comments.

I used to look quite like HB, but not so much anymore. I still think the guy is great, and I envy his job. My own style is not far from his, so that's why I use him as my avatar.

I will post photos of the suit and some of the other crap tonight.

DQ doesn't have a London shop. I guess he figures that a) since he's in the US, he'll focus here, and b) his stuff isn't as unique in the UK as it is here, that he has not opened in London.

I did look at Green -- the shoes were hot! But those will have to wait until my planned trip to London and Paris in January.
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Shirt by Nigel Hall

scarf by Drake's

Paul Smith shirt from the "British Collection"

Ozwald Boateng "Bespoke Couture" suit

Jacket lining w/ trousers

stripe detail (they are purple and green, though the green looks grey in this shot)

I need to take the suit in for a minor alteration. Will try to get some photos whilst wearing it. GS -- the suits seemed to run from 750 up to 1200 GBP. This one was toward the lower end of the range.
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very cool! everything looks good, esp the suit! Looking forward to the seeing you wearing it pics.
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The suit looks great. I want one.
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I like the scarf. Great colors. Will look great knotted.
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Best report on London shopping ever.
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Smithy is opening a much larger store on Greene Street SOHO NY, in Novamber - they might have thew British Collection - whichis v g IMO there.
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Originally Posted by GreyFlannelMan
. T&A had many things to my liking, but alas, I had to exercise some self-control.
Hope your visit to T&A went OK and they didn't get too friendly...
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Great colors on the suit. Does the lining make you want to put on a bright tie? I have a jacket with a bright lime green lining. It really changes how I want to wear the jacket -so I usually wind up pairing it with strong colors.
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