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I have a cashmere Isaia jacket. It's gorgeous and I baby it. But recently I've heard that you should wear it, don't pamper. I was told cashmere is strong and the more it's worn the better it shapes to your boby. Is this true?
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I don't know if it's specific to cashmere, but some articles clothing and footwear tend to stretch and conform to your specific figure over time.

I think all articles of clothing are meant to be worn and not pampered.
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Depends on the garment, the quality of the cashmere, the tightness of the weave, the strength of the fibers. Some cashmere that I've owned has been fragile, at stress points. Other cashmere in my wardrobe, hasn't been.
I've heard the same thing about fur. Yet my sister's furs have worn very well, this depite the fact that her coats are made of 'fragile,' female pelts.
One thing: watch, for moths. Cashmere attracts those little devils, like a magnet.
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