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I had to file thru Paypal once, took about 60 days, statements, proof of return, etc, $150 limit, but they did eventually issue a credit. As my purchase was $800, I also had to file a dispute with the visa I had used thru Paypal. They also eventually credited. At least its not enough to really hurt, just bruise.
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Originally Posted by chorse123
The characteristic Belvest label, this one, is nowhere to be found. Instead there is a tiny materials tag, with no information on the manufacture. this.
If that materials tag is gone, I would be suspect. The lining though comes in all sorts with and without that Belvest wording.
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What in the hell is he trying to say?

the suit is wrong you it is belvest if you don't like you can postpone
him/it in behind and I refund you the money I buy stock of suits for
wholesalers, therefore if you want to re-send him/it I refund you cost
of the suit if then you want to hold him/it without they earn us the
mails I can refund you my profit of around 20,00 European make to know
me regards, a solution it is always found, regards
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Originally Posted by texas_jack
Belvest for $100. This is getting suspiscious.
With that pattern I can see why.
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Originally Posted by chorse123
What in the hell is he trying to say?

If that doesn't give you complete complete confidence in this suit's authenticity...
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Originally Posted by chorse123
What in the hell is he trying to say?

Well I think the first part is that you can send it back and he'll refund your money. And that he buys wholesale suits. The part about 20 euros I have no idea.
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Originally Posted by chorse123
What in the hell is he trying to say?
I think it means you're it means him/it is in a fucking pickle
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Sounds like he's offering you a refund to keep ebay out of it.
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Oy, I should have looked at this thread sooner. It's pretty obvious what this guy is doing - sewing Belvest labels into cheap suits and overcoats. And he is not doing a very good job either. Note that the labels are just tacked in.
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I think he is saying that he will give you a refund and that he purchases from wholesalers and that he makes a lot of money so there is no reason for a probelm.

I would suggest you form a response in English , then use Babel Fish to translate it to Italian.

Mr. Harris's word is all I need to hear , if he thinks it is fake it is. I apologize if I encouraged you.
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Boy, this is going to be exciting when I recieve the cashmere topcoat I ordered from this guy. I wonder if it will even be cashmere. I'll let you know when it comes.
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This feels too similar to the Corben. Deals sometimes ARE too good to be true. Of course I have bought a couple of Belvest sportcoats on ebay before, and for considerably less, so I thought it was worth a shot.

He has apparently improved his English translation services.

it's a belvest's sure and if you don't like it give me back and
i'll give you your money but you must pay the shipping

Suit's going back tomorrow via some sort or registered international mail. I'm stuck with shipping costs on both ends apparently, which is a shame, but not the end of the world. Is it possible to dispute the shipping charges, or am I s.o.l.?
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I bought this about a week ago. Funny how so many of these hit the market and how similar the pictures are.
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Hello Bob,

Did you get your coat and if so how was your jacket , I had also ordered one and I am still waiting. Although nervously.
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As far as the suit is concerned, would a real belvest have lined up the pattern of the jacket and pocket? Or is this not always the case?
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