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eBay Find?

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Don't snipe the coat out from under me but... counterfeit or no?

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Originally Posted by kronik
Don't snipe the coat out from under me but... counterfeit or no?


It's BIN so I wouldn't worry about snipes but someone may pull the trigger faster. At any rate, I have never heard about Belvest being faked and I strongly doubt they are given that most mass market buyers have never heard of Belvest. That coat looks a lot like the ones sold by another SF poster here: http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-3000-Belvest...QQcmdZViewItem

I don't believe they are counterfeit.
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Great buy, go for it if it's your size.
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I've never heard of counterfeit Belvest. I would note that outerwear, for some reason, fares extremely poorly on eBay, perhaps explaining the low price. But this is a great deal.
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Awesome looking coat; I wouldn't wait too long. Pull the trigger man!
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Nonetheless, I will hold off on this and give you a chance to pull the trigger quickly. But likely only for the day - its a very sweet deal on a great looking coat, and its going to get cold out very soon.
BTW- if you grab it, let us know about the fit - slim or not?
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Also note, he has the same coat in a number of different sizes. Check his items.
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Someone on here or AAAC was offering a few of these for sale. Can't recall who, but this is a better price.
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Nice. If it was in my size, I'd have gone for it. He's taking offers and there are two in already...
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Belvest for $100. This is getting suspiscious.
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We shall see!

I figure it's gotta be worth the shot. Oh, and for all you Belvestophiles...

I desperately want this to fit, but the shoulder is too big for me. The buyer said she would take a BIN of something like $60 or $70, forget which. I am fairly certain this is Belvest for a private label.
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I just wanted to add, this forum is a dangerous place!
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Good luck but that Belvest label does not look like any Belvest label I've seen. It's definitely worth the shot for the price but.....
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I've seen similar white labels on Belvest before. But to be honest, I have no idea if it legit. It could certainly be fake. I also have no idea if it will fit. Sartorial lottery I guess.
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That is a legit Belvest, they have blue - black and white label.

Ask Ben from Honest*Goods -- eHaberdashery as he knows

and it explained once to me in the past.
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