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Market week in NY drew menswear designers, buyers, press, and even us to the Ace Hotel and the shops and showrooms of the city over Martin Luther King, Jr. Day weekend in January 2011. Styleforum COO Fok-Yan (LA Guy) Leung, photographer Albert (whodini) Thomas, and writers Jian (crtlaltelite) Deleon and Pete (shoreman1782) Anderson spent a few days checking out fall / winter 2011 collections at the Capsule show and a number of showrooms, and we also visited with several of New York's finest shopping and manufacturing establishments.

We also drank a lot of beer at the Breslin. We did not successfully meet up with a bunch of styleforum members, but that's a story for another thread. Over the coming days and weeks, Styleforum Frontpage will offer thoughtful previews of what's new from lines you like, what we think you might like next, and interviews and thoughts from the brightest people in the business, including the guys at Leffot and Martin Greenfield. We're bringing you original content, context, and occasional insight, with no unfounded hype (but sometimes a little well-founded hype).

A few disorganized photos to get the blood flowing--we'll have a lot more up soon. Fok and Berlin Report smile for the camera sort of Haversack's crazy awesomeness started with the fabrics The Capsule show involved a lot of stairs A spindle or bobbin or whatever at Greenfield SNS Herning Common Projects boots at W+H
Jian gets iced. Professionalism!
Words and photos by Pete Anderson

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Was great meeting you guys! Really wish I had more time to at least have a drink with you all.
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those black and brown mountain laced longwings. Please explain, thank you very much.
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Looking forward to this - thanks!
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Were you guys at Mrket on the first day?
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