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I gave it up for Lent, and I am not even Catholic.
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Originally Posted by Mark from Plano View Post
There are underlying assumptions in some of these posts that (a) acting immaturely is a bad thing and that (b) maturity is a progression. As I approach the beginning of my 6th decade I can assure you all that neither of these things is necessarily true.
Agree with (a); unsure what you mean by (b). If you mean maturity is not a constant, regular progression, then I agree. If you mean that not everyone progressively acts more maturely, that's also true. However, I would say that I am progressively more satisfied with my life, more content, and more able to react to situations in ways I consider appropriate, whether that means getting down on the floor to play with a child, posting a dumbass comment in the DT forum, or putting on my professional face and mediating a dispute between two subordinates in a calm, reasoned and professional way.
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I "grew up" fairly promptly within a year long period at 22. Things just suddenly started to click. I basically started to modify my life in a way that made the pursuit of happiness autonomous rather than dependent on external circumstances or people beyond my control. Removing expectations and timelines for things like wealth, career advancement, material possessions, and relationships was really important. I shed my old circle of friends in the process, but it's made me much more content. The things I take satisfaction out of now are becoming more and more mundane and simple. Time is the foolproof method for parallax.
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I'm kind of feel, that I'm not even near there yet...

I think most people start acting really maturely only after they become parents. It's a very important life experience that changes accents and points of view on the world.
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Behaviorally i think im still working on it

Regarding responsibility right around when i got married
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matters the situation. i can be more mature with money etc then a lot of people much older then me who throw it away like nothing. yet on the other hand if you had a conversation with me and heard some of my jokes youd probably think i was just a ridiculously good lookign 15 year old.
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