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I think its fine what they are doing. They are generating more questions as they open the new season... which seems normal, and they will answer some questions that linger, such as who Jack really is (one crazy sunuvabitch).

Most of people's complaints about the show relate to his or her inpatience. I am perfectly content letting the show run its course. I don't need answers RIGHT NOW. I can wait until next week or next season. That's half the fun.. the suspense. Most shows on TV are full of instant gratification, which gets boring pretty quickly, and they lack true suspense.

And speaking of inpatience and lack of suspense (beware, this is a side rant), I can't stand the damn previews for next week. I always change the channel before all the spoilers come on, and I basically am forced to watch all tv from my Tivo to avoid commercials and other spoilers that always pop up for the shows I watch. Maybe my memory is better than most of the TV viewing population (I doubt it), but I can always recall what I saw on the spoiler while viewing the new episode, and I've got the whole thing figured out 5 minutes into it, which isn't fun. Granted they try to lead you astray with the previews, but its so formulaic by now that they really aren't leading anyone astray anymore.

Same can be said for movies. I'd rather no absolutely nothing about a movie except if it has a good directory/writer/cast. An opinion or two from people I respect is all I need if I am considering checking out a movie.


Sorry I didn't mean to imply that I want the answers NOW. The new questions that arose during last weeks episode are indeed interesting and I'm looking forward to the season. My complaint is that old questions seem to have been buried with nothing being touched on them at all except for brief associations that don't really give any insight to the answer, just a quick "whoa" moment.