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on the other hand (sortof), if you can get the AEs expertly antiqued...
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Did you phone them directly and conduct an informational interview? Those are good ice breakers.
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Originally Posted by Bradford
Definitely put your Ebay experience on your resume - it shows initiative.
Good advice (on all counts). Since you're talking marketing, have you considered a "portfolio" of your marketing efforts on ebay? It's one thing to hire a green grad who knows the theory and might have done up a practice case or an internship. To hire a recent grad who has been supporting himself - for the last three years - via sales and marketing on his own dime is another matter entirely. This (IMHO) is a big plus, especially if you can demonstrate that you "get" the tone and tenor of their marketing efforts. Somewhere between the cover letter and the resume you should be able to make the point (preferably via demonstration) that 1. I've been successfully doing this for $$$ already 2. I get your vision and subscribe to it. so that training becomes somewhat less of an issue. The bad news: you should be ready to answer this question: "Would you cease your ebay business if you are hired?" Some firms look at moonlighting as a distraction at best, and an opportunity for loss/theft (not impugning anyone here) at worst. Congratulations on your coming graduation, Good luck with the job!
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I am guessing that they have a few sessions of training or get togethers of their sales staff a year, probrably including in the midwest. - for instance when they launch new products or so on. see if you can find out when one of those is going to happen (maybe your friends friend could help...) and see if you can hand carry your letter to somebody of importance. showing up in person and saying "I know you are busy, I don't want any of your time, I just wanted to hand deliver this" is a serious killer.

good luck.
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