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Plaid Odd Trousers?

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Anybody game for some plaid odd trousers?
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Yes, definitely.

I'll wear plaid/patterned odd trousers with a solid color wool sweater, patterned shirt underneath, and nice leather shoes.

You can even pair them with something like a fine-wale corduroy jacket with good results.
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I have some and like them, with a white or other solid color shirt, for non-business wear. I tend to get compliments on them, which means either they really do look good or they look conspicuously bad and people are being nice.
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I think they look great with a white shirt. I prefer them with western style pockets for some reason.
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I like them with a cardigan swater and a buttondown collared shirt.
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With braces and a porkpie hat. Avant-garde 60-70s punk at its finest!
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I also like them because you can take subtle accent colors from the pants and tie them into the rest of the outfit.

For example, light gray glen plaid pants with a faint blue windowpane woven in the pattern, charcoal gray zip-up cardigan sweater, and a white dress shirt with sky blue stripes.
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Yes I love them.
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Originally Posted by Flame
With braces and a porkpie hat. Avant-garde 60-70s punk at its finest!

I found some deadstock plaid pegleg trousers that I couldn't resist, even though they're all manmade material. Very retro, and very, very warm. But one has to suffer for that swinging '60s style.
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Seems like they are strongly suggested for this fall/winter
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I came across a pair of Brooks charcoal glen plaid odd trousers recently. They're great.
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All of my odd trousers are plaid/check'd. Sometimes I think I need to get something solid, but that's so boring.
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IMO the best thing about plaid trousers is they can pair with the absolutely most conservative jacket patterns -- e.g., navy blazer, blue-black herringbone, and make the ensemble seem fresh and sophisticated.
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This is how I do plaid

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I like it the plaid odd trousers--these a flat front by Dunheel. I'm also wearing a vintage 50s shirt, vintage Borsalino, Sutor Mantellassi suede monk strap chukkas and a suede Robert Talbott belt.

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