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Are all hermes men's dress shoes made by lobb?

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This Ebay auction has a pair of Hermes lace-ups. They look very nice and are brand new. Does anyone know if they are likely to be made by John Lobb? (Before emailing the seller, I thought I'd try to get your intelligence on this issue first.) http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/ebayISAPI.dll?...tem=4152356279 Thanks
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No, Hermes also has a line of shoes made in Italy. They are labeled "Hermes," not John Lobb. I believe these shoes are the Italian-made variety -- note the red-stained soles.
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is the 45 really a 13? is this b/c it's french? i thought 45=12
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I don't think that Hermes-labelled shoes are made by the John Lobb factory, although I could certainly be mistaken. As for the specific shoes in the autction, I doubt that they're John Lobb produced for a few reasons: the rubber heel piece doesn't look like anything that I've seen on a John Lobb shoe, I can't imagine Lobb staining the soles red, the toe caps are much longer than you would typically see on English shoes, the indentation from the channel on the sole looks like it might be too far in for the shoe to be Goodyear-welted rather than Blake-constructed, and the shape of the last looks like nothing I've ever seen from Lobb. Admittedly, none of these items is dispositive, nor are all taken together. I just don't think that they're Lobb-made shoes. They're nice looking though.
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No, those are not Lobbs. The Hermes labeled shoes are decent quality, nothing great. Although the styling on those is excellent. I don't have specific experience with the sizing of that line, but a 45 is almost always an 11 -12 depending on make.
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an hermes 45 is closer to a usa 12 than a 13 and if anything, they seem to run small (to me at least) so given the narrow profile of this shoe, it may be closer to an 11.5
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44 is usually a US 11, and 45 a 12.
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44 is usually a US 11, and 45 a 12.
That is the generally accepted conversion. However, unless your foot is on the narrow side, it often doesn't equate in real life. Mantellassi for instance considers their 45 to be a US 12, but my experience is that they fit more like an 11 1/2.
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I believe HERMES cheats if it doesn't indicate the real brand (or manufacturer) of the shoes they sell.

Hector Gallegos (PERU)
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just posting here in an epically bumped thread. aka hermes is a brand you dork.
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I haven't checked the auction but keep in mind french shoe sizes are 0.5 bigger so a 42 would be a 42.5. Some follow this system and others the overall EU one. Messy isn't it?
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4-year necro posting !
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