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Anybody know if Heritage Research stopped producing? I haven't seen anything from them since AW12.
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I was under the impression that heritage research was the same people who made trainerspotter and it was on a hiatus.
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Sorry if its already been mentioned but Wosley are an old brand   dating back some hundreds of years and produced the underwear for the Everest Exibitions, boiled wool to exact size fitted!  They are relaunching there line this AW13.

Originally Posted by ManofKent View Post

I've been looking around for British companies producing heritage inspired 'workwear'. There seems to be several established companies and quite a few newcomers.

Those I've found and like the looks of so far are:

Nigel Cabourn :

Not introduction needed - there's already a good thread on him:

Heritage Research :

Seem to be best known for their collaboration with Quoddy. Not just British workwear, but workwear, expedition wear, military wear etc. from Europe and the North americas. Appear to be committed to quality of materials and design.

Norsea Industries :

Coastal workwear. Fairly new company but growing fast. I believe production is partly UK based and partly made in India.

Cro'Jack :

Seem to be a very new company. Clothing looks very good. Military and workwear inspired.

Universal Works :

Fairly well known on the forum. Seem to offer good value modern interpretations of workwear.

Margaret Howell :

MHL & Margaret Howell lines. Been doing her thing for years. Thread here:

Old Town :

Horrible website, but their clothes look interesting. Small producer, largely made to order.

Thread here:

Albam :

No introduction needed.

Barbour :

No introduction needed, lots of threads. Big company. Waxed jackets are still mainly produced in the UK. Other clothing varies. Increasingly looking at their back catalogue to produce more interesting heritage clothing.

Let me know of any I've overlooked. Footwear would require another thread altogether.

Mods - if I've missed an existing thread that this should have gone into please move
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Originally Posted by gus49 View Post

produced the underwear for the Everest Exibitions, boiled wool to exact size fitted!  They are relaunching there line this AW13.

It was Scotts Exhibition to the Arctic as you already know probably!

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Originally Posted by ManofKent View Post

I've not tried them my self, but a friend has had them make a couple of pieces, and the quality seems good. He visited their shop to order and size, I don't know what the experience is like mail order.


I've ordered stuff from them with no problems when I was living in Britain. I love their Vauxhall trousers, and I have a Harris Tweed waistcoat of theirs that I wear all the time in winter. They really don't ship much beyond the UK though. They have a new Japanese collaboration / line which they have designed for mass production, called 'Holdfast' (it's actually an old British workwear label in itself). It seems to be essentially some basic Old Town designs done in a very limited range of fabrics and factory-made.


I am currently in Tokyo and the Japanese company concered, Glastonbury Ltd, have an exhibition on right now of next year's range, inclduing Holdfast, so I will be going down this week to take a look. I will report back at the least, and I will try to get some pictures but I can't guarrantee that they will allow it.

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Okay, so I went down to check out the Holdfast stuff and it's all very nice and as expected - almost exactly like the Old Town stuff, although there are a few extra pieces - a Duster Coat, for example. However, unbelievably, the prices are much higher, in some cases twice as much as the Old Town equivalent in the most expensive fabric choice. So, Holdfast will certainly not be a good choice for those who wanted to find Old Town-style clothes, but factory-made and at a slightly lower price point...

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Surprised there's been no mention of Tender Co here. Have one of their belts--is gorgeous.

From their website:

"Tender has its roots in antique workwear and machinery, especially from the Great British Steam Age. On a steam train, the tender was the truck which carried the coal and water to power the locomotive, and was coupled in between the engine and the carriages. They were built incredibly solidly, mostly from riveted cast iron, and had to hold enough fuel to take a train weighing many tons all over Britain.

The other important face of Tender’s English-made clothing is the nurture which is put into the clothes: in their research, design, manufacture, and wear. Just as a gardener tends to a vegetable patch, or a shepherd is the tender to a flock of sheep, so we hope that Tender’s owners will live with their clothes, wearing them hard, but respecting their provenance and the stories they have to tell."
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Vernekompaniet - real norwegian workwear

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Great summary. If not this article, in addition to our partners, I even forgot some brands. Thank you manofkent !

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Heritage Research have stopped a few years ago sadly.
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@ManofKent Noted your Cro' Jack item in recent WAYWT fit (I always enjoy your photos, by the way). Went to look at the website and I'm uncertain what to make of it.

I guess it must be sale season, but £30 for a coat (looking at the Hawke specifically)?

Am I missing something?

Are the items made in the UK? How have you found the fit and construction?

I may take a flyer, since even with shipping that's as much as the coat, it's not too bad.

Anyone else have thoughts on Cro' Jack?
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don't own any crojack but i've handled it, and for that price it's a no-brainer. seemed comparable to the oliver spencer stuff i have.
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Originally Posted by robinsongreen68 View Post

don't own any crojack but i've handled it, and for that price it's a no-brainer. seemed comparable to the oliver spencer stuff i have.

Thanks. I'm a big fan of the few Oliver Spencer items I have, so that's encouraging.

Any idea if it is made in the UK or overseas?
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@FrankCowperwood All made in Wolverhampton. Fabrics are sourced from different places, but they tend to be decent.

Quality is pretty similar to Oliver Spencer, on some garments I'd say Cro'Jack have the edge. At the sale prices you can't go wrong. Cuts vary a bit, but sizing is pretty standard.

If they ever get a decent photographer/stylist for their web site and learn about marketing they could be quite popular smile.gif
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As far as I can tell Cro'Jack are selling up. They closed the small shop in London sometime before August (I stopped by looking for them) and the only activity appears to be lowering the prices of remaining stock into the ground. They're decent quality though, and most if not all is made in the UK. Definitely bargains to be had at the prices they're at now. Looks like the best stuff went a while back though.

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