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British workwear / heritage brands

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I've been looking around for British companies producing heritage inspired 'workwear'. There seems to be several established companies and quite a few newcomers.

Those I've found and like the looks of so far are:

Nigel Cabourn :

Not introduction needed - there's already a good thread on him:

Heritage Research :

Seem to be best known for their collaboration with Quoddy. Not just British workwear, but workwear, expedition wear, military wear etc. from Europe and the North americas. Appear to be committed to quality of materials and design.

Norsea Industries :

Coastal workwear. Fairly new company but growing fast. I believe production is partly UK based and partly made in India.

Cro'Jack :

Seem to be a very new company. Clothing looks very good. Military and workwear inspired.

Universal Works :

Fairly well known on the forum. Seem to offer good value modern interpretations of workwear.

Margaret Howell :

MHL & Margaret Howell lines. Been doing her thing for years. Thread here:

Old Town :

Horrible website, but their clothes look interesting. Small producer, largely made to order.

Thread here:

Albam :

No introduction needed.

Barbour :

No introduction needed, lots of threads. Big company. Waxed jackets are still mainly produced in the UK. Other clothing varies. Increasingly looking at their back catalogue to produce more interesting heritage clothing.

Let me know of any I've overlooked. Footwear would require another thread altogether.

Mods - if I've missed an existing thread that this should have gone into please move
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You've missed a couple. Oliver Spencer comes immediately to mind.
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nvm its in the op
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D.S. Dundee
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D.S. Dundee is an interesting brand, as they have a mix of tailoring and formal elements as well:
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Folk, Garbstore, Inverallan?
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north sea clothing, aero leather
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Originally Posted by London View Post
D.S. Dundee is an interesting brand, as they have a mix of tailoring and formal elements as well:
This looks really good. Anyone knows what the quality of the finished products are like?
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Don't know much about them but North Sea Clothing seems to have some nice knitwear. Sorry, already mentioned.
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Oliver Spencer is really nice. All I have (read: can afford) is a cardigan (last year's model slightly modified... removed silly pocket flaps and secured flappy inside pockets).
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A+ thread. I like the stuff Universal Works is putting out.
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Great thread.

Alot of stuff here I'd heard of, but hadn't previously actually checked out.

If I end up buying any waxed jackets this season, I might go for the Crojack Gunner. Looks really nice.
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Add in D.Lewis. Surprising nobody has mentioned them considering they're older than any of the other companies on this page.
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What are the key Lewis leathers in your opinion?
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I find myself interested in British heritage brands these days more than anything else. As my infatuation with Nigel Cabourn seems to be waning, I've like what I've seen from Universal Works. It all looks fairly simply designed, but seems to be well made from interesting materials (all in the UK?). Can we lump Ireland in on this thread? If so, I vote for Inis Meain. Their knitwear is fantastic.
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