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Besides marketing and branding and so on, what are the differences between designer nitric oxide supplements like nitrix and whatever the other brands are and gnc or drugstore L-Arginine? If I decide to take such a supplement, is there any benefit to buying the designer versions or should I stick with the unbranded stuff (if it is basically the same thing) at a lower cost ?
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Stick with the L-arginine if you like that. It can be bought pretty cheaply online. If your budget allows it, go for the L-citrulline, which is a little bit more. Warning though, it will give you some frighteningly hard erections.

Also, with the NO boosters, you are going to get more superoxide buildup. Take some SOD along with it to neutralize those bad boys. I would recommend gliSODin as opposed to plain ole SOD since it isn't a super stable molecule on its own.
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if u have problems with cold sores or u have herpes u should take the amino acid l lysine along with the arginine.
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