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Originally Posted by AEB A4 View Post

J. Crew is now offering flat rate shipping at $8.95

still too expensive imo
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left or right?... there can be only one.
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And don't look back.
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those chippewa boots are pretty nice, remind me of the wolverine 1000 miles
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^Very similar to the Chippewa 25290 I picked up new off eBay last year for about $150. Only difference, the 25290 have a thick, rugged lug soul that is perfect for getting traction in snow. It's a great boot.

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i say the right one, only bc i'm adverse to yellow.
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Really need some quick help here. I'm looking at two madras shirts from SS2011 on final sale right now. I haven't bought any shirts from J. Crew in awhile... just shorts and some of their third party stuff. What's the chest measurements on a medium? Tried doing the chat with a specialist thing. She helped a bit, but could only give me a chest circumference of 45" for a medium, which seemed a little big. I'm a medium in Gitman Vintage. Should I go small on these??
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yes go small
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anyone selling this in small? i pay mucho good money yes yes
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Originally Posted by Hard2Fit View Post

Has anyone ever tried on the Stockton Racer?
It's one of the few leathers I seen available online in size Medium Tall and I'm curious about the quality & fit.
Full retail seems steep but I suspect JC will be having 25 or 30% sale soon. . .


Finally tried this on in the store.
Was not impressed with the quality.
Cut was typical retail store boxy.
Even on sale I would avoid.
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got new jcrew catalog in mail

says special american express offer on p.23... flipped to p.23,, whats going on
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finally put on my first pair of 484 slim raws today. i got it true to size (32x30), lets see how much they stretch! im pretty sure i could have squeezed into a 31x30 but my thighs and calves would have not forgiven me.
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