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Polo shirt question-Does this work?

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New here, I'm 19 and in college in Socal, looks like lots of good info here. Here goes...When wearing a polo, is it acceptable to have a contrasting color t-shirt underneath, with about 1/4" of the T-shirt sticking out from underneath the bottom of the polo? Say, a black, very slim polo, with light blue jeans, and a gray? or light blue? T-shirt under it. The only visible parts of the T are at the neck, because the polo is not buttoned all the way up, and the 1/4" ring around the bottom. The sleeves obviuosly don't show. I'll put up some pics if everyone is completely lost. Basically, i'm going for the layered look but not sure if this is the right way to go. Remember, this is Socal, and a casual environment.

If no good, what else can I do to spice up a polo/jeans? It's too hot for an outer layer/ jacket. Thanks all.
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I know what you mean. I normally tuck in my undershirts though. Sometimes they are slightly long in the arm though (lacoste retro have short sleeves) so I end up with a bit of contrasting tee sticking out :P Looks fine to me, I think I've even seen people with shirts that have something similar faked.
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Thread Starter I look bad, but you get the idea. Meh, I like it...?
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Wearing any t-shirt under a polo is something I absolutely cannot stand, for some reason that I can't explain it just annoys the hell out of me.

However, the look you're going for would be better if you tucked in your undershirt, and good choice with the black.
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Ive never seen wearing a tshirt under a polo look better than if you wore it with no shirt, this isn't an exception. If you must wear a tshirt under your polo to preserve the armpits or whatever get a small v-neck (so it doesnt stick out the bottom)
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I can't say I've ever seen anyone wearing that in SoCal
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I normally only wear tshirts under my polos to prevent man fur from showing :P
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I really don't think you're getting much of a layered look out of that, most people probably either wouldn't notice or would think you forgot to tuck your undershirt in.
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Originally Posted by PG2G
I normally only wear tshirts under my polos to prevent man fur from showing :P


But yeah, I'd avoid the ring at the bottom. (Doubly so at the sleeves, btw.) It might work if it's obviously not an undershirt -- a bright color that contrasts with the polo, or something. I've got a coral AA t-shirt that I wear under an olive AA polo that I'll let do that, but I wouldn't do it with a white/gray/black undershirt. It also helps that the AA polo shrunk up enough in length that the t-shirt ends at normal shirt length instead of below, with the polo an inch or so above that.

Shit, now I'm wondering if I look dorky like that.
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I've got no problem with the undershirt thing as long as the sneaks match the undershirt, so that you can have a little of the color from the shoes brought up to the top for a more balanced look. If the shoes match the polo, then it'll be a little too matchy matchy for me, and then the undershirt definitely will seem out of place. Also, the undershirt sticking out of the bottom will depend on how the rest of your outfit's going. I'd stick it out if everything else is more on the dishevelled side, baggier pants, etc. and tucked in if going more prim and proper. And the black shirt sticking out of the bottom over the jeans doesn't really give you anything because it's hard to see it. You might wanna go with with a different color undershirt that contrasts with both the jeans and the polo.
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Can't say I have ever been a fan of the undershirt look. I was guilty of it in high school, but it didn't follow me into college. The only way I could say to spice up the look is to get a more unique polo shirt.
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I managed to get a couple complements on a yellow polo with black undershirt once :P
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Try to avoid wearing a t-shirt under anything. Whether it is a polo, dress shirt...

If you sweat a lot, then simply wear a v-neck t-shirt or wifebeater.

I honestly think that "undershirts" look absolutely atrocious, especially the classic white t-shirt under a blue dress shirt (office space wear)
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V-necks rule, I wear them under my lighter colored stuff otherwise I'd ruin the shirts with pitstains from my antiperspirant.
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at least its better than 2-3 polos layered over each other o yea COLLAR POPPED
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