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Hangers are sold.


I've got 30 Sax Fifth Avenue hangers by Beverly for sale. These are solid hardwood hangers done up in a high gloss piano black finish.

These hangers are very nice and easily on par with the $10 hangers from Bed, Bath, & Beyond. They are, IMO, superior in quality to the famous "Walgreens" hanger. They are not, however, in the same class as the special order Ask Andy hangers, or the similar model 75G Beverly hangers I recently had for sale. But, they are not nearly as expensive, either. They are a nice, solid, lower cost alternative for those who don't want to spend a lot for a good suit hanger.

These hangers are 18.5" wide and fully contoured (just like the more expensive Deluxe hangers), with a 1" uniform thickness. Hardware is chrome.

I'm only selling these in multiples of 5, and the price is $15 for five.

Shipping, handling, and insurance charges are as follows:
5 hangers: $18.00
10-15 hangers: $22.00
20-30 hangers: $30.00

Quantity is limited to 30 hangers, so they will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

If you would like to purchase some of these hangers, please e-mail me at Payment is by cashiers check or money order only.