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They won't do Vulture. Him being in the script was one of the big reason's they didn't move ahead with Spider-Man 4 at the time. The only exception I can see to this is if they do a Sinister Six film and he's on the team.
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Originally Posted by Rambo View Post

Listen, I would have much rather had someone better, but sometimes you just have to take the baby out with the bathwater.

Well it looks like they are actually casting actual Japanese actors for the next Wolverine film, no Jessica Alba or Jessica Biel playing Yukio. lol8[1].gif
Sources inside The Wolverine camp tell ComingSoon.net/SuperHeroHype that casting is starting to come together opposite Hugh Jackman in the 2013 summer tentpole movie. And we're psyched to hear that Fox is casting real Japanese actors in some of the key roles in the story based in Japan. The studio would not discuss details of these roles and continues to keep the plot under wraps, but it did confirm the following actors were cast and that more roles are expected to be filled shortly:

Hiroyuki Sanada ("Lost," Rush Hour 3, The Last Samurai) is set to play Shingen; veteran actor Hal Yamanouchi (The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, Push, Sinbad of the Seven Seas) plays Yashida; and new discoveries Tao Okamoto and Rila Fukushima will star as Mariko and Yukio, respectively. While none of these actors have much of a following outside of Japan, the fact that a major studio is trying to keep some authenticity in a film of this magnitude is very encouraging.
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Would be awesome if it was all in Japanese w/ subtitles.

Er, well - a sizable percentage. No starting off the movie for two minutes and then suddenly switching to Japanese-accented English. If dem bad guys speak Japanese, then Logan speaks it back.
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The whole Logan as a samurai thing never did it for me. Always felt forced as a way to up the "bad-ass" of a character that's already over portrayed as such.
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Originally Posted by JMRouse View Post

The whole Logan as a samurai thing never did it for me. Always felt forced as a way to up the "bad-ass" of a character that's already over portrayed as such.

back then, meaning the mid-80s, there was an aura of mystery still regarding that side of japan with stories of ninjas, and also the yakuza.
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Are they doing the Silver Samurai?
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Would assume so.
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Originally Posted by Rambo View Post

Are they doing the Silver Samurai?

Yup, been confirmed.
The Hollywood Reporter confirms that Silver Samurai is indeed the villain, and add that Grimm's Brian Tee is "playing Noburo Mori, a corrupt minister of justice who is about to marry the daughter of a Yakuza crime lord (the daughter is Wolverine’s love interest)."

Meanwhile, the film's story remains tightly under wraps. However, what we know for sure is that the film is mostly inspired by Marvel's comic book arc by Chris Claremontand Frank Miller, wherein Logan, an outsider, finds himself in Japan.
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Just came from the theater, and gotta say I´m pretty happy with the movie. First, I gotta get the bad stuff of my chest: the score - which someone mentioned it earlier in the thread- was pretty bad. It just had nothing to do with spidey. The scene at the warehouse where Peter is swinging from the chains and testing his abilities... I mean, was that colplay? WTF?? THen there´s the fight with the Lizard at the school, and again, WTF??  But anyways, onto the good stuff. Peter/Garfield and Gwen/Emma´s interactions are great. They actually spend time together and share real moments. Way superior than Tobey-Kirsten, who never really seemed to be together, even when they were. Stone did a great job as Gwen, bringing in her usual comedic side when needed but also a solid performance in the dramatic scenes.. And then there´s Garfield. Yes, he lacks a bit of the nerdy/geeky element (again, his hair is too awesome to play that part) of Peter, but he also brings in not only the cool side of Spiderman, but the cool side of Parker as well, because once he gets his powers, despite still being the geeky science guy, he gets an air of confidence. And who wouldn´t with all these new abilities, improved physique, etc. As spidey, he nails it. His slim figure didn´t even bother me much, which I though it would, since Spiderman is a bit more muscular, but he just played the character as it´s supposed to be played; funny, witty, smart, cool (yes, it´s 3 times, I know), a bit carefree and with a lot of charisma.

I enjoyed the CGI overall. Lizard looked good when in detail, and the "human" looking face fit well with the story and his character development. The web shooters and the web swinging were amazing. That´s a very important part of showing spidey´s powers, and they did it like I expected. His body moves and bends in so many ways while swinging, and with this movie we were able to see some of the things we´re so used to in the comics.

To sum up, this film is much bettter than any other spiderman film. There are some plot issues, the score sucked and some other details, but the character interaction, backstory, the main characters performance, spiderman´s behaviour and so much more made for a fantastic version. Once again, Garfield made a cool spiderman, and I can´t wait to see his story continuing.

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Garfield's hair is awesome.

Personally, I thought a "lankier" version of Spidey was more fitting. Enjoyed that quite a bit (no homo)
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Why does even stupid shit inspire Americans' awe? How old are you people??
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Argentino, bud. Lionheart too. Can you read?
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Originally Posted by a View Post

Why does even stupid shit inspire Americans' awe? How old are you people??

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Originally Posted by El Argentino View Post

WHAAAAAAAAAAA?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?! Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Would LOVE a decent XMen reboot, as long as they keep Hugh Jackman as Wolverine (casting he and Patrick Stewart were the only things right with those three movies).

Colossus was a good cast....

So I watched the movie yesterday and must say I was somewhat impressed.

I hated the idea that Spidey revealed himself so quickly...

I enjoyed the lanky, wise cracking Spidey - but there was defintely not enough of it.

The scene where he makes the web in the sewer was AMAZING. Probably my favorite scene apart from the other in the parking lot vs the knife guy.

Overall I would say this movie beats the first trilogy, and in its own universe it stands up quite nice.

The guy in the secret ending could be Edward Brock Sr., and this could tie into the Venom film that is being created. Otherwise it could be Norman Osborn, and tie into Gwen's eventual death, which would be epic.
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If it is Eddie Brock Sr. and they are going with the Ultimates Venom, then I think they should have at least mentioned him at least once. Or maybe his name appears in one of the computer screens or something.

I still believe they have no idea where they want to take it in the sequel so they made that end credit scene as vague as possible.
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