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Mining conference coming up, what to wear?

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I was hoping that someone could help me out here. Next month, I'm going to be attending a mining conference with my Dad. My Dad owns a small drilling and mineral exploration company and he has been attending this show for something like 25 years. Needless to say, he knows a lot of very important people in the industry and I want to make a good impression. I'm in university right now and I'm taking geology.

I asked my Dad what to wear and he said that it ranges right from suits all the way down to jeans and tshirts. He estimated that about 50 - 60% will be wearing suits. My Dad will be wearing a suit (one that I helped him pick out!). I don't own a suit yet and I won't be able to buy one before the show starts. I refuse to buy a cheap suit and I don't have enough money for a nice suit at this point in time.

I own a pretty nice light grey cashmere vneck and a few white dress shirts at the moment. I'll need to pick up a pair of dress pants, a new tie and some shoes. I was thinking of wearing something like this:

light grey cashmere vneck
white dress shirt
tie - blue and grey striped
dark grey dress pants
brown captoes

What do you guys think?
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Every one knows you're a student and your father's son. No reason to look like a VP if you're just learning the ropes. Just look neat and groomed, and you'll do fine. The selected outfit will do nicely I would imagine.
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It's admirable that you are planning to represent your father professionally.

Rather than a necktie and v-necked sweater idea without a jacket, consider wearing a mock turtleneck under the sweater, or a buttondown collar dress shirt with the top button open.
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Sounds good, but I actually might do black shoes ( ) in this case to keep with the monochromatic look you have planned.
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I don't have a mock turtle neck sweater at the moment. I suspose it is something I could go and pick up but I really don't like to cheap out on sweaters and I'd rather not drop a considerable amount at the moment on a sweater I probably won't wear that often.
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I would avoid the mock turtleneck under a vneck, IMO it's not a very young look. What you've selected is sounds very good. Although you might want to drop the tie if it seems everything is a little more casual. The most important thing is you look well trimmed, professional, and can keep up your end of a conversation by asking a lot of thoughtful questions. No one is expecting you to be wearing Brioni. Good luck!

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since it is a conference of "heavyweights" that you'll probably encounter later on if you're going into that area post-graduation, this is your chance to make a good first impression. i strongly suggest a nice navy suit. btw, whatever you wear, carry yourself with confidence, and make new acquaintances. this is a wonderful opportunity for your career later on. btw2, may i ask what mining conference is this?
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I'd suggest a nice navy blazer with your grey trousers and white dress shirt, and ditch the tie. Many, many industries are going for a tie-less look, even at the upper reaches of the executive suite. I can't remember the last time I saw a guy under 50 wearing a tie (who wasn't in court). If you don't have a navy blazer, you can do tweed or even a nice courduroy jacket -- they'll cut you slack because you're still a student, as magoo above pointed out. (And I second the very artfully put comment frowning on the mock t-neck under a v-neck. You don't want to look like you could sing with Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, after all ...)
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a hardhat.
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