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Need help finding a tailor in the OKC area

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I just moved to the Oklahoma City area, and I'm trying to find a tailor. I thought I'd check here and see if there was anyone who might have some suggestions.
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I was actually just looking for the same thing. I found a place in mid-west city called charles the tailor that seems okay. You might also give Mr. Ooleys in Penn Sq mall a ring and ask who they use. Any other suggestions?
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I've been looking for the same thing! 

It's also neat to see that there are SF folk here in OKC!

Dilliards at Penn Square recommends Tran's Alterations on Penn and 30th, but I took a suit with working sleeve buttons and she said she couldn't work with it.  I know little about tailoring, but this seemed odd.

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Are you looking for an alterations tailor or a tailor to make jackets/suits/shirts?

When I lived in Norman, I took everything I needed to have altered to Robert's Tailor Shop, on MacArthur just south of 50th. It was a long drive for me, but the Vietnamese woman who runs the shop is fabulous. I typically had her taper my shirts, trim jackets and fix the sleeve length, and cuff pants and trim the waist/seat area. Pattern matching was always perfect, work was done to my satisfaction and delivered when she promised. I don't remember, but I think she also did some functional buttonholes on jacket sleeves for me. She was not shy about advising me if she disagreed about something I requested, assertiveness that I appreciated. She also spotted things that I missed, including the fact that a jacket I bought on B&S as NWT had been altered so the pattern didn't match properly. She is excellent at alterations, but AFAIK doesn't make clothing.

I found her by asking Mr. Ooley's who they use when their in-house tailor can't handle everything.

I moved to Pittsburgh, PA two years ago and haven't yet found anyone as good as she is (though I have a tailor in La Jolla, CA make jackets and suits for me whenever I'm in the area and he is better).
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