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My Hanwags are glued, and 12 years old (half of that time I've only used them on snow days):


Once a year, after the winter, they get a coat of wax.

I have Meindls as well (low shoes), around ten years old.
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I have some glued Ecco boots that I treat with leather fat or dubbin. They are probably about ten years old. I have abused them a lot when I wore them every day as my only winter boots. When they die I think I will try the Hanwag Grünten.
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Just order your boots from Parachoc (the security/work/etc branch of Paraboot) directly from their website. Search for Parachoc.

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Originally Posted by aj_del View Post

So, my boots arrived today. Here's a pic. There are a little hardcore than what i initially wanted but they look as if they can handle some actual hiking

Are you going to wear them for going to work in or flanning around town ? Won't be any good for hiking.

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Has anyone purchased the new Alico Guide boots?


Alico New Guide Mountaineering Hiking Boots (For Men) in Brown


Unfortunately the size 9M I ordered ran a little small.

The boot was a little snug but the real problem was the opening to the boot was very small due to the tongue design..

The back of my foot was rubbing  the rear of he boot very hard.


I wish the Raichle Norwegian welt boots were still available.

The Alico guide leather does appear to be of the same quality as my EMS  Raichle Ravine's .purchased in 1996.

They have 3mm thick Gallusser leather.

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It's probably been mentioned before, but I'll echo the Merrell Wilderness as a good value. It is still made in Italy as far as I know.
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