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Originally Posted by NORE View Post

Every time I see this thread title I'm thinking the OP is fat and asking if his only option is bespoke. smile.gif

Every time I see the new contributions to this thread I am just very impressed with the excellent experiences new members have with Adler shoes.
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Originally Posted by TheTukker View Post

Every time I see the new contributions to this thread I am just very impressed with the excellent experiences new members have with Adler shoes.
I think when i started this thread i couldn't find the £ sign and wrote Pounds instead - I was in the UK and the pricing othe site I saw was in £ BPS. didn'texpect to be accused of being fat or of being a stooge for the Co!
It was just an honest question to see if anyone had used this service - seemed too cheap to be quality but where else can one find bespoke or mto for these prices?
Still nothing tangible to see except some positive hearsay.
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I have just joined this site but I've been reading the posts for a little while. I ordered shoes from Adler in February and I thought I would write about the experience so far. I received the sock molds a week after ordering and they were quite simple to use. I did end up with some bubbles on my second foot and it took a lot of cutting to free it from my foot, but both casts looked fine in the end.


They have not been great with email contact since they received my casts. I thought I might receive an expected delivery date but I haven’t. After a few emails sent, they responded by telling me the shoes should be delivered on time. They received the casts on February 16th and it is now just gone past the 12 weeks they said was the longest it should take. Hopefully they will arrive soon and I will post pictures.


I am writing on the forum because I am really looking forward to getting bespoke shoes and the known makes are way outside any budget I have for shoes. The posts have been very negative but no one had actually tried it. As I paid with credit card I thought well, if it is a scam I will be able to go through  fraud claim – and I really don’t think it is because why would they have sent the casting kit?


As I have never bought shoes beyond £70 before, I am fully expecting them to be the best shoes I have owned but that may not being saying much biggrin.gif As they have bought to use when I get married in the summer, I hope to get the honest opinion of a relative who has been wearing bespoke for over 30 years who'll be at the wedding.

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lol...sure hope that you didn't get fxcked.

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Just wondering, despite positive things written about ADLER on the previous sites, even with pictures, other entries on like the Drones Club, even by the moderator himself, it seems all the old members here just cannot help themselves but post negative comments like

VinnyMac with his ever so educated sounding - "lol...sure hope that you didn't get fxcked."


wonder why? considering they themselves have not actually purchased any ADLER shoes

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The only way to know for yourself is to take the plunge for yourself.
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I just received a pair of Adler shoes, and they seem legitimate.


I originally searched out custom shoes due to a pinched nerve condition in the balls of my feet (Morton's neuroma), to see whether I can find nice dress shoes that don't make my feet hurt -- without going through the roof on price.  I found the Adler site through internet searches, and saw this forum, too.  I took the plunge and decided to give it a try.


The casting socks came quickly.  When I sent them back, I mentioned the Morton's neuroma and asked for additional support below the ball of the foot.  From the day I mailed the completed casts to receipt was about 16 weeks, so longer than advertised.  Plus they didn't respond to inquiries about status at about 12 or 13 weeks.  But the shoes arrived, and they are good looking (basic captoe black Oxfords), and fit great.  I still have to break them in, but on first wear they fit very nicely.  The toe box is very wide, which is perfect for my feet, and the padding is great.  So the shoes are comfortable and definitely look classic.


So for those who wonder whether this is a scam, it worked for me.  I am sure I will order additional pairs if these shoes continue to perform well and wear well after several months.

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Here are some pics I took just now.  Hope these give you an idea.





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Thanks for the photos. Much appreciated. Wear the shoes in good health smile.gif
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I previously posted about my experience with Adler Shoes (this is the edit).


They are working with me now to try and rectify the problems I had with them. Mr. Adler explained that they have had a new facility come on board recently and is willing to work with me to make sure the product meets his customers' expectations.


At this stage I couldn't ask for more than that. I will post back an update once I have got to a resolution. I am still optimistic about the outcome.

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I "took the plunge" for myself! I ordered a pair of HIghlander hiking boots. They arrived 9 weeks after I sent back my casting sock. They fit perfectly! I have worn them hiking several times now, and they are still just a comfortable as when they arrived. I don't think I could have found anything of similar quality for the price. I have foot issues so I needed them to be custom made. I will continue to order from them especially since after the first pair they arrive much quicker! I will be ordering my son his first pair soon. He is entering business school.

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Richard I hope you receive your shoes soon. I'm sure you will be happy with the outcome. My husband bought a pair of bespoke shoes from them recently and was a little leary of ordering online. When they arrived he was impressed by the quality! I will be ordering us hiking boots soon for our vacation. Can't wait to try them on!

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An update from me:


I liked the black pair so much, I ordered two more.  They arrived (kind of late, so don't get worried if you go over 12 weeks), but both pair were just too small.  It was hard to even get one pair on, the other one was too tight to even get on.  Maybe they used the wrong last somehow, I don't know why they got them so wrong.  I e-mailed them and they sent another two pair, this time pretty fast, like a month later, no charge obviously.  The new shoes fit, so I don't know what happened with those other shoes.  So they were very reputable and prompt in handling my problem.


So I have had continuing good experiences with Adler.

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I would not order from Adler shoes!! This has been the worst customer service experience I have ever been through. I am not even sure they are a real company. On 5/5/13 I ordered a pair of custom made shoes from J. Adler Ltd Shoes. Total price $545.00. I paid by Visa. A kit to make a mold of my feet was sent to me, and I created the mold carefully and mailed it back. Initially, I received another customer’s shoe order, and mailed it back. Over the next 1.5 years, I received multiple shoe shipments that did not seem to be made to my feet at all. I mailed them all back unused. Finally, I requested a full refund. My calls and emails were largely ignored, and rather than refunding me, a new ill-fitting pair of shoes were sent to me. I returned them. Now, I cannot get any response to my calls and emails requesting a refund. This has been going on for months. This is very suspicious, and I consider it theft at this point.
Adler Shoes’ address has changed from NYC, to Chicago, to Port Saint Lucie, FL during this time. The current address and contact is:
Amy Carter – Customer relations
J. Adler Ltd.
1723 SW Cremona Street
34953 Port Saint Lucie
United States
Phone:(+1) 772 324-0322

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