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How old are these AEs?

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Early/mid 90s? or earlier?
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They were made on August 26th, 1993. Definitely!

No, just kidding How can anyone possibly tell from that picture?
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Well, someone who had a rough idea when they stopped writing "The hand-crafted world of..." on their insole would be able to hazard a guess. JLibourel?
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At least a decade.
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I have a pair of AE's that I bought in a thrift store that seem very old. There is a small square cloth patch sewn onto the interior side of the leather with a now-somewhat faded AE coat-of-arms. My shoe vocabulary is obviously somewhat limited. They aren't spectators, but the top part between the laces and toes is white and the rest is brown.
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They are from before the mid-1990's, but not before the 1980's (mid-80's?). Post this on AAAC; nomis will probably know for certain.
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I think it boils down to when A-E started putting the code that indicated the week and year of manufacture inside their shoes. If they've been doing this for quite a while, it should be a simple matter to determine the year of manufacture.
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