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Pittsburgh: What Can I Get Into?

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I need to get the hell away from this area (rural Virginia). I spend way too much time in D.C. and N.Y.C. stresses me out, so I'm thinking about spending a week in Pittsburgh. I've always had a thing for Pittsburgh. My brother got very severely burnt when we were young and every two weeks we had to drive to the children's hospital. It was quite whimsical at that age as I hadn't spent a lot (read: any) of time in an urban area. Really grimey and charming. What you imagine New York to be like before you actually spend some time there.

But yeah, I'm obviously much older now, have absolutely no friends in Pittsburgh and don't know what to get into. Any good clothing stores, restaurants, architecture, brothels, art hubs, music, etc? Anything cultural or artistic. I don't want to stay busy but I don't want to spend every night in a bar either. From what I remember there's not a lot to the place, so, yes. Help?
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I've had to spend sometime in Pittsburg for work almost everyday I eat lunch at Primantis Brothers. They put the french fries inbetween the sandwiches which is what makes them so great.
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Warhol museum.
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^ seconded.
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3x Warhol. Carnegie Mellon also hosts a major contemporary art exhibition. Check website. There are also these events called "Flux" -kinda art /music /happenings that go to a good cause. Booze money goes to urban renewal.
The one I went to was in a multilevel parking garage, soon to be torn down. Fun! Check the telephone poles and underground papers for info.
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for clothes there is saks and larrimor's downtwon

in squirrel hill there is a store called Charles Spiegel with a great selection of streetwear, etro and john varvatos

a trip to fallingwater, a frank lloyd wright house, is also a lot of fun and you can stop at Nemacolin Woodlands resort while there for lunch and dinner. Nemacolin is extremely luxurious and not be missed.
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