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Topcoat question

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I bought a Boss topcoat a couple of months ago. The coat is a dark camel made of 100% wool. Today I walked in Brooks Brothers and saw a camel topcoat (a shade lighter than my Boss). The major difference is the BB topcoat is made of camel hair. What do you guys think about 100% wool vs. camel hair. The BB coat is much softer and looks more a little more elegant up close. Should I return the Boss and buy the Brooks Brothers or keep the Boss? All opinions are very much appreciated. Thanks
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I prefer camel hair over wool myself. If the prices are similar, I would get the camel hair coat. Kai
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Camel is a nicer wool than regular lambswool, IMO. It is somewhere between lambswool and cashmere in softness. However, I think that camel hair may not be quite as durable as lambswool.
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I'd go with the camel hair coat; for authenticity, a tan coat like that should really be camel or cashmere. Black and navy topcoats are great in wool, wool/ cashmere blend, or pure cashmere.
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