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TV Shows with Laugh Tracks

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Shows that use laugh tracks need to be fucking destroyed. Laugh tracks are obnoxious.

That is all.
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this forum could use laugh tracks once in a while
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You hear people laughing, but you don't see them! Who ARE all these people?
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And don't even get me started on Starbucks. Tall means small? What is this world coming to?
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It's so ironic. But you know what's really ironic? Alanis Morisette!
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I'm getting tired of mockumentary type shows. Who is filming these people?
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The only show I appreciated laugh tracks in was Black Adder.
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laugh tracks while watching 'full house' tells me which part was supposed to be funny
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Full House was so lame. Step by Step was far more superior.
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Worst laugh track ever was the first season of Sports Night.
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I once put a laugh-track on a sitcom that had no jokes in it!
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That shit on espn's sportsnation is the worst. They do every kind of reaction, not just cheering
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Originally Posted by javyn View Post
The only show I appreciated laugh tracks in was Black Adder.

It's weird, 99% of the shows with laugh tracks I absolutely hate. But then, some of my favs also have it. I think the older shows used it to enhance the humour, whereas now people use it to simulate humour. (Which it does, people are more likely to laugh if others are.... I could go into more detail, but basically people like feeling like part of a group.)

Black Adder, MASH (though reading about the history of the laugh track in this show is interesting), Fawlty Towers, etc....

What are peoples opinions on a live laughter (not including stand up comedians, sketch shows, etc)
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