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Is it appropriate to use creatine when you're trying to lose weight? In the past 6 months I've cleaned up my diet and lowered my calorie intake (mostly by cutting alcohol to 2-3 drinks per week) and have lost 15-20 lbs off my average weight for the past 3 years. I need to lose about 20 more lbs long term, but no hurry. I was considering using creatine powder as a pre-workout supplement (with juice or water) with the recommended dose (no loading) for about a month to see what happens. Safe plan, or is creatine just for skinny guys trying to bulk up? I do a mix of moderate weights, cardio, and occasional classes like pilates or yoga (can't do heavy weights per shoulder problem). I've taken creatine a long time ago before workouts and noticed an energy boost during workouts, but I didn't take it consistently enough to judge the results.
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Using creatine while losing is a little controversial. In your case, I'd lay off it. Unless you're pretty hardcore about training, the extra water weight caused by creatine is probably worse than its performance benefits. If you need a boost, try something like Diet Red Bull. When you do finish losing and want to start a creatine supplement, use it immediately after the gym with your post-workout meal.
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If you are loosing weight for health then creatine should be fine, if you are loosing weight for some number then Creatine will only hurt your goal. Drink water.
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creatine monohydrate is bad stuff, bloating, deposition in kidneys, water retention and rapid water loss upon cessation of cycle kre-alkalyn is much better...its a broken down version of creatine.
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^^ The bloating part is true for a very small percentage of people. Otherwise myth.
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I've actually had better results after switching from CEE to a combination of CMH/Creatine Gluconate.
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Originally Posted by Maharaja View Post
rapid water loss upon cessation of cycle[/url]

So this means you lose the water weight as soon as you stop taking it? Is that the water weight in your muscles and elsewhere?

Sounds like it won't hurt to try it for a few weeks. My motivation is to look good for a caribbean trip 1st week in Dec..... at least for a few days before I get bloated from the booze and food.

I can easily take the gym routine up a notch or two while I'm taking it (though I don't see myself keeping it up long term).
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the vast majority of water weight lost is in muscles
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if you ever know anyone taking creatine monohydrate ask them to flex and feel their muscles its squishier than normal,...kinda weord
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