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"The American President" starring Michael Douglas. Douglas, Martin Sheen, and Michael J. Fox are well-suited in this one.
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Originally Posted by Matt S View Post
Lazenby's kilt was worn as Sir Hillary Bray, not Bond, so it doesn't count. Lazenby had some of the nicest suits of the series. He took the simple Bond aesthetic established by Connery and made it more rakish. Roger Moore never wore suits with a low gorge, not even in the 80s. Except for The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker he had some very nice suits. Dalton had okay suits in The Living Daylights that fit well with the traditional Bond aesthetic, though they didn't fit as well as they should've. Licence to Kill was the worst Bond film of all for clothes. Brosnan's had some really nice clothes but too Italian for Bond. In GoldenEye his shirts were from Sulka, not T&A. Brosnan had a really nice dinner suit in TND with a 5-button DB waistcoat. I think the best Bond movie for suits is Dr. No. It was still classic, none of that slim 60s lapels and ties yet.

Goldfinger surely loses points for the blue, towling all-in-one short/shirt poolside attire. 'Shocking' as Shir Sean should have shaid.
First couple have him in hats too though I think they're gone by Goldfinger, aren't they?
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Originally Posted by hermes man View Post
christian bale giorgio armani suit in dark knights

Really? I didn't see any advertisements about it all. Huh...
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I definitely agree with you on Inception, I also think Wall Street(2010) had some great suits as well. Two very fine movies and great selection of suits!

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Originally Posted by ELG View Post

Warning: 007! (Click to show)


Originally Posted by MrDaniels View Post

None of use have ever looked this good...nor will we...

Is Connery's suit a subtle glen plaid? The lapels are the perfect length.

Honestly, I'm not a big fan of this one, but I live in eternal envy of his tux in Thunderball.
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Schindler's list

Liam's suits look like shit. But the Nazi's looked very nice.
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Regarding Henry-Harrison Ford wore at least one suit by the late Henry Stewart.
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Originally Posted by tunnelrat View Post

How about A Single man?! (Only for Tom Ford style lovers of course.)

The styles in the movie were the anti-Tom Ford styles since he had to make it work in the setting... skinny lapels vs Big Tom Ford lapels
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Originally Posted by Matt S View Post


Originally Posted by sage_incognito View Post

Thanks for the info. Glad to learn new things. Yet I still believe Moore had a suit that had somewhat wide and low-gorged lapel by today's and his shirt had much too big collar.

Do you mean this kind of lapel:

The classic gorge height is lower than what is the standard at the moment. In the next few years it will surely go down again. The gorge is naturally going to be lower since the lapels are wider. Sadly, this is what Roger Moore is remembered by, not the more elegant suits in his earlier and later Bond films.

That sport coat looks awesome.
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Richard Gere in Pretty Woman



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Comedies are slept on but Trading Places had some great fits. Check Eddie in the db.
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Lotta good suits in the new movie "J. Edgar." Don't know if it's top-ten material, but I certainly relished the costuming.
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I like looking at the clothes in period pieces. I thought "Legends of the Fall", for example, displayed some really great looks.
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Yes, also The Dark Knight also had some great suits in it. Another movie I would recommend is "Margin Call" it has some sharp suits in it as well; it's also a pretty interesting film. The film "Match Point" is another great film, which also has many great scenes with nice clothing as well as suits.

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+1 on Margin Call. Also, a good movie.

Recently watched the recent OSS 117 movies with Jean Dujardin and he has some good looking suits. He actually makes the 3 button look very good, and I'm generally not a fan. Kind of a Mad Man minimal aesthetic going back to the basics with regard to colors, patterns, shirt/tie combos.
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