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The search function is your friend. We already have several threads on these questions.

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How about The Contender. Oxxford, I believe, made the suits.
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I always liked the way they looked in old foreign films..

8 1/2


Last Year at Marienbad


Sao Paulo Sociadede Anonima


La Dolce Vita












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first two films on this list, suits were made by Douglas Hayward. As a matter of fact, Michael Caine based the character of Alfie on Hayward. Also a certain percentage of Roger Moore's Bond films were costumed by Hayward. You can indeed see Matt S for citations. 

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The man with my face, 1951.

The interrupted journey, 1949.

I've watched a ton of movies from the 40s to the 50s and most of them had great suits.
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Here's one that has a strange moment: High Sierra (1941) with Humphrey Bogart.

Let's see if you can spot it. smile.gif
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Originally Posted by tinsel View Post

MI4. Pretty sweet Persols too



Love Tom Cruise but I hate his long hair in MI2 and MI4.  It doesn't suit him.  I prefer his MI1 and MI3 hair style.

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The Great Beauty!! (The picture that won Best Foreign Film at the Oscars)


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Light in the Piazza - Rossano Brazi and George Hamilton (playing his Italian son) look exceptional. The contrast between the fit and cut of their suits is highlighted about halfway through the movie when Barry Sullivan playing an American executive shows up dressed in suits with heavily padded and extended shoulders.
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Originally Posted by MrDaniels View Post

None of use have ever looked this good...nor will we...


If you're referring to Honor Blackman then I have to agree!

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What? No-one mentioned Miami Vice (the series)?? :)


Ok, seriously.. there are hundreds of films from the 40s-60s with great suits. One of the things i love about this era is that pretty much everyone was wearing a suit, whether you were a shop assistant or truck driver. Not like the aesthetic nightmare we live in now...


From "Room at the Top", for example:




And then when they actually dressed up... wow. "My Fair Lady":


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Will Smith "Concussion"

Created with GIMP

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The Tailor of Panama - especially the scene near the beginning where he takes his chalk to the fabric...

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