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I'm not sure how I feel about this.

Feel free to discuss this amongst yourselves.
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From the first episode it looks like Carrie Brownstein might actually be funny. Certainly funnier than Fred Armisen.
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I liked it, kind of a narrow concept that will only appeal to a very small subsection of the population, but has a lot of potential. Fred Armisen is really a pretty funny guy, I have no clue what he's doing on SNL (can they please just let Jay Pharoah do Obama? I could finally watch the political sketches without wondering if what Armisen's doing counts as blackface) but he's got a really great surreal, weird sense of humor that works much better on this show. I liked the Jordan Catalano-esque jacket Armisen was wearing on the opening music number. Nice touch.
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There's a few chuckles in the first episode, but not a lot of LOL moments. I think a Tea Party satire would have been a better idea for a series.
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It's pretty accurate in giving off that Portland vibe.
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It's not funny because I hate Portland. And this show is exactly like Portland.
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Originally Posted by willpower View Post
There's a few chuckles in the first episode, but not a lot of LOL moments. I think a Tea Party satire would have been a better idea for a series.

+1. never been to Portland but i was more curious to see how Carrie would turn out as an actress. this is one of the better skits although i don't think it's from the Portandia series.

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Carrie Brownstein is surprisingly better looking than I expected. I think it's a good thing they are only doing 6 episodes in a season or else I fear they would be running out of material pretty quickly since they have to make it as Portland-centric as possible (or at least what the rest of America thinks Portland is like). I did love the opening scene in the second episode where they were poling fun at the arts and crafts crowd who put birds on everything now. I immediately thought of my wife's cousin who has a thriving Etsy-based business selling wooden and ceramic crafts with birds on them all.
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The little tidbit with him being the self righteous cyclist was funny.
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Fred & Carrie were on my show last week, and they were great.

I love the show.
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The show's hilarious but not sure if it'll have staying power. Might have been safer for an occasional appearance on a late night skit show.

That said, anything that that throws it all back in the face of bland, pale, puritanical, self-important PNW granolas is fine by me.

And yea, they do need to make a Tea Party version.
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There's a Tim and Eric element to this show. Otherwise, it's sort of hit-and-miss.
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I saw the first episode and thought the old lady in the library totally stole the show.
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The Portlander archtetype is such low hanging fruit for comedy. It's hard to fuck up.
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I am reviving this thread, since the show is now on Netflix streaming. I watched a couple episodes today. The show is fairly funny. I think I will continue watching for a couple days, though as people said- it is not necessarily LOL funny.

On a side note I really like the opening sequence and the song playing.
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