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Originally Posted by Condor
this crash, its just like at a really, really bad point for me right now.

Keep your chin up, enjoy your wedding day. Follow the consensus as given by lawyerdad among others. This too shall pass.

Good luck for both a speedy recovery and your promotion to officer!
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Originally Posted by Lucky Strike
Well...speak for yourself...


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Originally Posted by gamelan
your body is NOT something you want to be fuckin' with.

funny. i think thats what the woman beside me said last night.
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Update: the estimate from the insurance company for the
damage to my car is $5900. It didn't mention the clumping
sound my transmission is making, even though I mentioned it
to him twice. And clearly indicated to him, although the car
is not safe to drive (he agreed), I'm not interested in running up
the bill with a rental car, as long as I am put back 100% right.

A clump in the trans is not 100% right. Now I will have a carfax
report saying $6k in repairs on a 14k car. Yes, I know about
diminuation of value, but the 10% i will recover, doesnt cut it.

My back is slightly better, but my abdomen isnt. If I'm not much
better by this weekend, I will have to go to the dr. again.

I have to meet in person with the Navy guy this week.
Despite being semi crippled, I have to appear semi OK.

My dad's wife died this morning at 8.30 am.

Kinda worried about him since he now has no more Mission.
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you know, i really really hope you'll get through this. f*ck the car, even if it costs money. the faster you put this behind you, the better it is for you.
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