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uniqlo store in MA. shit aint ever gonna happen, but that's what i want for christmas. + barker black oxfords in brown and black. maybe some flippak boots
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Bringin it back

-ervell lamb collegiate
-lanvin waistcoat
-prorsum blazer
-lanvin cardi
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Waiting until after christmas for the sales. Retail is going to be a bloodbath this quarter.
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Dis just a wishlist playa.
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I was thinking about asking my wife for a subscription to Men's Ex magazine
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something awesome from Pringle

something decadent from Aquascutum LTD

something I probably already have similar from Mr Start

something I dont already have from Fred Perry

something expensive from Paul Smith

if the $/GBP stays where it is they will all be mine
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Margiela Sweater Jil Sweater Jil Shoes 2x BoO shirts
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Originally Posted by Nil View Post
Anyone who could possibly get me a gift is poor or doesn't see the importance of clothing, so probably not a damn thing for me.

i'll send you some of my old clothes and your CCC tee is on it's way this week...
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Marc Jacobs carter bag with pyramid stones. I think that's it.
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Originally Posted by GoSurface View Post
I'm kinda done with bags, what I really need are some nice pants, a couple shirts and solid shoes.

Great choices.
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Alden brogue boots Fred Perry waxed harrington Filson briefcase Quoddy mocs UT in the MNC game. Things I've put off buying myself.
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New apartment next month (in the works) Mr. Oilve Jacket Mr. Olive cardigan MTM dress shirts My birthday is next month too but I have no idea what or if I want anything, then again it's all up to me since I very rarely receive gifts. My ultimate wish item is an E60 M5 6sp in black slammed on 20" BBS JDM light-weight alloy wheels and outfitted with a killer exhaust system. Unfortunately, this is out of my reach right now, gotta wait a few more years.
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Originally Posted by jet View Post
Great choices.

Quit mocking me.
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I'm helping you friend.
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What kind of friend tries to tear me away from my one true love?

Although, you're right, I do need more pants. Shame on you for making me admit defeat!
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