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Originally Posted by PinkPantser View Post
Ridiculously awesome and impractical.

(not actually considering buying and isn't out for Christmas anyways, just couldn't find a better thread to put this in)

Haha, so that's what I was looking at on Friday. That's about as crazy looking as the Jil blazer that looks like seaweed (which I'm surprised SoCal hasn't picked up???)
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Originally Posted by ghulkhan View Post
please explain fashion jesus

Why the fuck are you using the term I coined?????
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1. To know that at least one unhappy person's spirits are raised
2. Finally find a tailor that can do a good job for a decent price and get my OCBDs altered to fit
3. Pair of raw Japanese denim ... maybe FH
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Originally Posted by jet View Post
Why the fuck are you using the term I coined?????
Link or it didn't happen.
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All I want for Christmas is a Thick as Thieves, a Thick as Thieves...

Oh and more moneyz!
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I thought I'd already made a 2nd post Robert Frank- The Americans Coca-Cola print ads and paper/promotional goods from the 50s 1969 and prior LIFE magazine issues pre 1964 National Geographic issues some Varga prints/pin ups 6 or more 8 oz bottles of coke in my fridge A years subscription to Paste,GQ,or Esquire LP's an older wagon (ford,hell even a chevy) in fine working condition ohh... and a wild child indigo tee
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Dior MIJ..which I am getting. So I'm happy about that. But if I were to add Good grades Progress in music. love too B.Son haahah
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father's recovery from cancer --- easier classes (ha) --- CLOTHES wise: Tricker's Buzz Rickson Aero top 3 for sure.... And a bunch of henleys / basics
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A job. . . seriously Treating myself to a pair of japanese denim, thinking either skulls or iron heart. Hopefully a new messanger bag or briefcase, depending on what type of job I hopefully get.
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Clarks desert boots in Sand suede and Beeswax leather Wool socks, lots of wool socks A nice scarf Rock Band 2 () Maybe some more Brooks Brothers button downs. I'd also love a navy suit and a dark gray suit, tailored. My current 2 suits fit like shit.
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TV, Couch, Nintendo DSi (maybe), apartment shit, a new pair of denim, some shirts, a fully stocked bar and bar wear (left all my stuff back in the states), maybe new shoes, and a new bike Oh and some riding boots and the new Futurama DVD
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Nothing in the manner of clothes. Just some books, games, shaving soap, a brooks saddle and a dancing class.
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All I want for Christmas is... You!
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so my wife and i were just sort of talking in broad terms about our plans for Christmas, when we wanted to go home, where we were going to be the day of etc. I realized its really not too far away... so 'holy thread resurrection batman' here goes.

i like stuff, and make lists constantly anyways.... so i guess this was just a way/excuse to think about things i want in general or for Christmas.

j crew chambray
red wing iron rangers -or- ll bean katahdins
120 format color reversal film and some of the diana + accesories
a few rolls of 35mm ektachrome or fuji velvia
wool socks
a fitted oklahoma sooners cap
penguin by design

and candy maybe
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Money for my housing and more books.
Maybe a sweater?
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