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Older jean fits

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I am on quite a search, but so far on my own I have come up with nothing but a bunch of thrift store pants I can't wear. I'm looking for jeans that fit sort of like 80s punk (think ramones)... you know, tight all the way down. Another good example of what I'm looking for is in the movie Trainspotting. Most of the characters have a similar fit jean. I think I might be looking for Levis 517 slim but not sure. I know this fit isn't in style now, its all boot leg with fake wear, but I like to start the trends you know Also recently saw Bowie wearing some sweet jeans like this. Can anyone help me out? -matty
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I think that the Ramones wore 501's. A classic look, but not everyone can pull it off. BTW, lots of designers have been pushing tapered or straight legged jeans for a while now (see Jil Sander and Helmut Lang). To reiterate, the look only works if you are really pretty skinny.
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Look into buying women's jeans, they'll be a slimmer fit... The look you're going for is Levi's 501.
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thanks guys.. yeah I'm a skinny bastard so I think I can pull it off. And yeah, I already do have a pair of womens jeans - wearin em right now, they're just diff at the bottom. thanks again -matty
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hermes is using Tapered leg cuts in their F/W 2004 line too.
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All of Dior Homme's jeans are like this.
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Most of the skinny punk -rockers with nasty drug habits wore women's jeans. Look for some with some lycra in them. Levi's made a black twill jean that was poly/cotton that never faded.
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