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I have a bunch of the merino wool t-shirts. Expensive, but so worth it. They use excellent quality merino wool and the collars are done just right - they do not sag like other shirts. The material is thicker than other brands and has a nice sheen to it.

Most other companies selling t-shirts have very form-fitting products that don't work for the office or for casual use. The outlier tshirts are perfect for my use and I wear them every day. Only complaint is the high price.
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I received two pairs of the 60/30 chinos this week (in slate and blue) and they are very good. The material doesn't feel that soft in your hands, but the pants have a stretch to them and the legs are nicely fitted and slimming. I was having problems with the material in some of my premium Seven jeans ripping after about a year of minimal wear so I thought I'd try these. The chinos feel much better made, fit better than my jeans, and have a bit of stretch that makes a huge difference. I have a pair of their shorts in size 36 which fits me nicely, and ordered the chinos in 36 as well. The fit around the waist is about the same.

I hope Outlier decides to make a lighter weight summer version of the chinos.

Has anyone tried the ultralight summer trousers? Are they also well-fitted or are they more bulky in the leg?

Also, I tried some of their henley shirts last year, and they didn't come close to fitting me. I am an athletic 42R and in size L couldn't fit my arms through the sleeves without stretching the material so much that it looked completely ridiculous. The body wasn't quite as tight, but the arms and shoulders were WAY too small. I didn't bother trying a size up, since the L size wasn't even close. I'd only ever had that problem before with some Zara shirts. The sizing is similar, which is to say extremely small. The material was really nice though, similar to Outlier's scarves, which are excellent.
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I got my Northeast Pivot Shirt from Outlier today in Large. I normally wear M but their sizing chart has their chest sizes a size smaller than usual so I sized up. Fits me well on the shoulders and chest, but it sure is very baggy near the waist and the sleeves are an inch too long.

I love the fabric though, though I'm not sure if I want to keep it just for that.
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Originally Posted by Totakeke View Post

I got my Northeast Pivot Shirt from Outlier today in Large. I normally wear M but their sizing chart has their chest sizes a size smaller than usual so I sized up. Fits me well on the shoulders and chest, but it sure is very baggy near the waist and the sleeves are an inch too long.
I love the fabric though, though I'm not sure if I want to keep it just for that.

Actually that sounds like it fits you great. Get it tailored, outlier is more than worth that trip and a little change. I usually buy my shirts to fit well in the shoulder and decently elsewhere so long as it's an easy fix.
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i'm looking to buy a pair 60/30 chinos in olive or grey, size 33, if anyone has any they'd like to sell.

also, any and all superfine tees in small.
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This is probably pretty simple but I'm stupid...


I'm a 29-30" waist (usually buy 29s). I'm looking at getting a pair of the 3 way shorts. Outlier says they fit "true to size" but their "technical waistband" measurements are 2" bigger than the tagged size - is this difference supposed to reflect the amount of stretch they have? My snuggest pair of jeans measure exactly 15" across, should I roll with the 28s?


And as a bonus question - black or nebula blue?

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I've wondered the same thing. Currently I have the shorts in a size 30 and I can wear them fine, but they're slightly sagged on my hips. I wonder if a 28 would fit better but nonetheless the 30s fit me
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I think when they recommend you go "true to size," they mean your true waist measurement, i.e. an inch or so below your belly button, not where you usually where you jeans, i.e. on the hips. For what it's worth, my jeans measure 33", I went with the 32 3-way longs, but probably would've gone with a 31 if they had odd sizes. The measurements that outlier provides are accurate so you can always size based on that.

Also, there's a 20% off code that works for all items: inlier20 *looks like it's expired*
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"Coupon code "inlier20" is not valid." frown.gif


And I guess I should have just read their FAQs, haha:


The most important thing to know about our pants sizing is that you probably should buy the size you normally buy. If you usually buy size 30 pants, you probably are a size 30 in our sizing.

If you want a more detailed explanation here it is: You might notice that the waist band actually measures 2 inches more than the named size. This is an industry standard, most pants sold as size 30 waist actually have a waistband that measures 32" and sometimes it'll even measure as much as 34". There are a few reasons for this. For one, no one actually wears pants at their actual waist anymore, so if you measure 30" at your real waist you will likely measure around 32" where you wear your pants. It's also a vanity thing, as men in the US got bigger clothes started getting bigger, Mediums are bigger than they used to be and so are size 30s. We tried fighting it for a second but it was too confusing, so we rolled with the standard, but we also felt the need to be honest on our sizing, so there it is above.

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I have the OG Pants and Lightweight pants, both in my normal size 32 and they fit perfectly.

Just bought the Free Shell today in Medium. My chest is a 40, their sizing suggest a L for a 40" chest but I have noticed that similar jackets like this one tend to run a little larger. Finger crossed the Medium works. Also anyone notice that teh Fee Shell was $365 or so when it was on sale back in the summer? Glad the price is lower at $275.

PSA: Use code TA!!! FOR 11% off your order.
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Does anyone know if their shoes (supermarines) run small, big or true to size? If anyone has a pair, could they compare the sizing with a popular shoe or brannock measurement please.
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The Work wear pants (thanks Neighbour!) are great. Accidentally got a fair amount of beef grease on the cream ones, and I didn't notice for about an hour. The grease came off with a little rubbing with a paper towel. Muc h more breathable than I expected as well. Grabbing a shirt to try that out next.
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After having tried a few of their pants, I'm happiest with the Dungarees and Slim Dungarees.  I've tried 2 sizes of the 4Season OGs but the fit is just ridiculous on me - something about the cut plus my anatomy, and the vertical pockets, create huge triangular creases that point toward my crotch - it's like saying, "Hello, World! Just in case you missed it, here's my package!"  


That being said, everybody's different - if there stuff fits you, keep it; I find it well made, quite durable and it is nice to have something "performance" oriented without being relegated to day-glo explosion, uber-striped, heavily logoed and oddly-fitting garments that are better suited to mountaineering than daily life.

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Anyone know if the Slim Dungarees have any fabric to let out... inseam is only 32.5" ; /


IMO fashion-oriented clothing should always be at least 34" inseam censored.gif

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Where do y'all find out about these discount codes? I signed up for the mailing list but nothing. Slate grey 3 way shorts are sold out in my size anyway. frown.gif

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