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How much are you charging for those? 

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Came here by way of sufu... how much for those Keirin Cuts in 33/gray?

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Anyone looking to offload a pair of three way shorts? 30 or 32? Shoot me a PM
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If anyone got a pair of 30 slim dungaree let me know

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Looking for climbers sz 30 in black

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it's very weird that this has turned into a "WTB" thread. didn't see that coming.

restocks of dungarees today.

also i picked up 3 new pivot shirts, i am on the fence about whether to keep them. i already have the light blue, picked up the green, grey, and greyblue, and all three of them have a shiny sheen thing going on, which the light blue doesn't. not sure if it will go away after a wash or two. it's clearly the blazing treatment or whatever, just looks way more noticeable on these colors than it did on the light blue, which i have and love. anyone have any blazed shirts besides the light blue for any length of time?
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Has anyone gone hiking in these clothes? Do they wick away moisture sufficiently?
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Loving the sample bomber in burgundy I picked up from delirium, it's missing the metal clasp which sucks but oh well.  Got caught in a shower and water beads right off, pretty awesome and as expected super comfy/allows for mobility (even though I don't cycle)

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Quite jealous I couldn't get any outerwear in xl ^
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The bomber was really under rated. I managed to grab it last year on clearance and I wear it all time. Great with a hoodie underneath and a pair of slim dungs. Basically my go-to when I'm on the go.
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^ Right on, the bomber is incredible. I sold my size medium because it was too big for me. If I get the opportunity to get my hands on a size small, black, I'll be psyched.
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Originally Posted by Reginald Bartholomew View Post

Returning the Nycos I ordered was sad. These things are so ridiculously well-made. An inch in the thighs and I would have felt like the action pics on the website.

I agree. I have a pair of navy Nycos, my first piece of clothing from Outlier, and the quality is very impressive. Yes, slim cuts though.
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Anybody try to size up on these?
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Ultralight pants in stock ya'll
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Originally Posted by HansPhonetic View Post

Ultralight pants in stock ya'll

I could not imagine anything lighter then the slim dungarees. 

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