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They are raising prices?? Why?
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Cause everything they're making is selling out at retail
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for those of you with the cardigan - you like it? love it? hate it?
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I love mine. A little loose on me which is perfect to layer up in the fall/winter

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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

They are raising prices?? Why?



From their email a few weeks ago

Now for the rough news. As you're likely well aware, Outlier garments aren't exactly cheap but we do work incredibly hard to make them a good value. Last year we apparently tried too hard, we held many of our prices down even as our fabric and production costs rose. This means the price of Outlier is about to go up. We're still working out the exact details, but the good news is we're giving you heads up; the new prices won't go into effect for another week or two. Unfortunately we can only keep making the good stuff if the numbers all add up at the end of the day.
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Could anyone shed light on whether the Nycos are office appropriate in a business casual workplace? They look great and the price is right, but the images remind me of some super-stiff Dickies or something. Thoughts appreciated.

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They're a little stiff but IMO perfect business casual pants. As for the person who asked about them "breaking in"--I've worn mine 6 or 7 times and washed after each; look about the same now as they did when I bought em. Whether that's a good thing or not is in the eye of the beholder

I have a pair of new Nyco slims in olive in 36 I'll let go for $75 shipped CONUS. Bought em when they came out, they were too big for me, and I'd feel bad asking for a return label at this point...

Please don't ban me, Fok
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Thanks for your response! I just ordered a pair of Nyco in 32 navy - I'm really glad to hear that they're office appropriate.

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Ya I have the navy nycos and wear them to work all the time. Although my mom did say something about them looking like dickies
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Wearing my olive green nycos at work now. Granted we dress casual here, but yes the Nycos can easily be worn with a BD and a tie.
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I hope UPS fails. I can't believe I made the mistake of not going USPS.
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Outlier is having another NYC as is sale on Feb 15th. Being in Florida, I can't go :/ Anyone going who could proxy?

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+1 for a proxy. Prices sound insane.

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Yeah, this sounds awesome, if anyone could proxy, please PM

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Jumping on the bandwagon.. I'd love a proxy to the west coast (shipping to WA), willing to reciprocate with Vancouver (or Canada) proxy service.
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