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They come in 3 widths, but the EEE and B can be hard to find. I sized down one half. Don't recall that they came in half sizes, but maybe they do now. I agree that they might be a little wide, but I wear mine with thin silk liners and wool socks so that's a good thing. I have had a pair of the 6" ones for a decade -- and two home renovations. I just can't wear them out. My brother has had the same pair for about 15 years and two resolings. I recommend them to everyone. For some reason Chippewas have been second fiddle to Red Wing lately, but IMO they are a much better value. They aren't "hip" like RW, so I hope that's their saving grace.
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I've had some Chippewa Engineers that I've put through hell before. It's a quality brand.
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I am trying to decide whether to go with the 9.5 EE or 10D. I wear a 9.5E EXACTLY and not a milimeter more. So the 9.5EE will probably be too wide, and then 10D will be too long. Which is the lesser of the two evils? I wish Chippewa had more options for width other than just D and EE.
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Originally Posted by Macready View Post
I am trying to decide whether to go with the 9.5 EE or 10D. I wear a 9.5E EXACTLY and not a milimeter more. So the 9.5EE will probably be too wide, and then 10D will be too long. Which is the lesser of the two evils? I wish Chippewa had more options for width other than just D and EE.

I'm not sure if this will help, but I'm a perfect 9D. My 9D I bought a few weeks ago rub my pinky toes quite a bit, to the point I'm going to try to return them. This wasn't noticeable when I tried them on a L.L. Bean but was after wearing them for a day.

I'm thinking I'm going to go 9EE instead of a 9.5D because I have enough room in the box for my other toes. The box though gets narrow on the sides pretty quickly.

Even with the issue I'm having, these boots are awesome.
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I just bought these deadstock 8 inchers on EBay for $63 shipped. I used this thread to get an idea about fit; thanks guys. I'm a 13 in Chucks, 13D in AE Cliftons, 13.5 in most sneakers. I bought a 13D in Chippewas. I've had pinky toe crushing in other hard shoes in the past, so I'm nervous but hopeful.
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I bought the 6" Rodeo Tan Chippewas off Amazon for a steal - $105.00 shipped. They are nearly identical to the ones J.Crew is selling for $260-280.

Anyhow, I purchased these for the nasty NE winters and sparing my Red Wing Beckmans and Wolverine 1000s the onslaught without sacrificing too much style.

The first pic is what they look like out of the box, and the subsequent photos are after I've applied saphir and snoseal, which didn't darken them awfully too much. Welted sole, vibram soles, and very comfortable. They seem to run a half size larger like the 1000 Miles do.

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I was seriously contemplating the Wolverine Montomery @ $270 and the L.L.Bean Katahdin Iron Works Engineer @ $190 but ended up going with the Chippewa 20065 (Chocolate Apache).  The best part was the price on Amazon -- $107, minus a 20% discount for signing up for the Shoe Deals mail list*, brought the final price to $86! 


The boots should be here on Tueday -- I plan on giving them a few coats of polish with Meltonian #164 "Dark Cordovan Burgundy" creme, followed perhaps by a coat of Obenauf's LP later on.  I'll post before/after picks of the polishing, in case I'm not the only one interested in the results...


Also, if anyone's interested, follow the directions in the following link to get your own 20% Amazon shoes coupon:



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My Chippewa "GQ" boots (6" 20065 lacers in "Chocolate Apache") arrived today!  The finish of the leather was a bit rougher than I anticipated, leading me to wonder how well they'd take the Meltonian boot creme (#164, Dark Cordovan).  After testing a small swatch of the upper tongue, I decided it was worth the risk.  Here's a before shot (note their texture, especially in the picture on the left):

Chippewa 20065 "GQ" Boot in "Apache Chocolate", just unboxed

Using a rubber gloves, I applied the Meltonian cream by finger, massaging it in as best I could, and then brushing with a toothbrush to work it into the fibers.  After 30 minutes of drying, I gave them a light buff with a horsehair brush and cotton t-shirt, before applying a second coat in the same fashion


I let the second coat dry for a good hour and, after buffing, the boots took on a satin sheen of brownish-eggplant.  Following a day of wear, hints of plum are appearing in the creases of the leather.  It's hard to see the actual color in the "after" pictures, the bottom two might be the most accurate (ignore my lounge pants).


Chippewa 20065 "GQ" boots after two coats of Meltonian Shoe Cream (Color #164 Dark Cordovan-Burgundy), lightly buffed and worn for a day. The color in the bottom pictures is more accurate.

I'm incredibly pleased with how these turned out!  I'll likely wear them for a few weeks before deciding whether to apply polish or wax. Obenauf's LP will likely darken the leather a bit, so I'm thinking of using it on the uppers so they'll contrast with the toe.  I'm also contemplating getting a pair of "Rodeo Tan" to treat with some other color polish (though I want to see how these age first...)



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Followed your amazon promo code set up and got my own pair of painfully researched Chipp's for a staggeringly low price of $86.00. It was between this and the LL Bean Katahdin's at $190.00. No contest.

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Nice Venture, I'm glad someone else took advantage of that deal!  Like you, I did a lot of research before buying my Chips; I've been wearing them for 4+ days/week for the past month or so. They're incredibly comfortable (after the first few days of break-in).  The color and shine from the Meltonian creme that I applied a month ago has held up wonderfully.  If you're looking to make them a bit more "office-acceptable", I highly recommend it. 

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That made my decision so much easier. What are your opinions on the obenhauf method some swear by?
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I waited on the Obenauf's LP mainly because I thought it would make the leather less likely to absorb the color from the Meltonian creme.  I've used it on other boots and it definitely protects (and darkens) the leather.  Once it dries, it can be a little tacky but it seems like you can polish over it with a paste wax (Kiwi) for a kind of matte/satin-type shine.

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Ive heard it darkens then fades after a bit of wearing. Which is fine with me. Im always seriously amazed how fast Amazon ships their products out. Ordered Friday afternoon here on Monday before noon. I plan on giving these a good weeks worth of wear and breaking in then conditioning them with the LP.  Looks like Ill be starting my new job with some steez under me.

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I had to order a pair as well, such a great deal!


This will also be my first time using snoseal, What is the general consensus on the best to apply this stuff?

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This link covers it pretty well:

(Obenauf's would be the same)

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