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Whats going on here

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I walked by an Express Men store today and went in because they had all these boxes marked '$9.99.' It's a winter clearance or something. So I'm going through some racks and I see these Seven jeans. They've got the same back-pocket detailing, the same cuts (they had the looser, straight leg in blue and the slimmer, boot leg in black), and the same tags as the Sevens I've seen in department stores. But I couldn't find the phrase "for all mankind" which I think is usually on there. Also, the finishes looked a little different. The only place where the word 'Express' appeared was on the button, which had 'Express' on top and 'Seven' on bottom. They were selling for $14.95 (originally $78.50, I think). Anybody know what's going on here?
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It's Express's line of jeans (note that the back stitching is ever so slightly different). 7 For All Mankind now has a different tag that warn people to watch out for imitations. You'll see a bunch of Express jeans come up on eBay promoted as the more expensive stuff. Needless to say, the Express Sevens are inferior.
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I wondered about that too about 6 months ago when they first started coming out. I asked the sales person but they had never heard of Seven for all Mankind.
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