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FS: Visvim, Jil Sander, Ann D, Alexander McQueen

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Jil Sander Laceups Size 43.5 10/10 BNWT Retailed $585, $200 SHIPPED-->$180-->$170 SHIPPED These shoes were listed under "forest green"--definitely not forest green. Very very close to black with a slightly green/olive tinge. Almost unnoticeable unless you look very closely, awesome shoes. Will gladly wear if no one cops. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v5...h/IMG_0799.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v5...h/IMG_0798.jpg Alexander McQueen Laceups size 43 9/10 $160 SHIPPED The perfect shape with a cool subtle spray paint detail. Just doesn't fit me quite right, worn 10 times between me and the previous owner at most. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v5...s/IMG_0740.jpg Maison Martin Margiela GATs size 44 7/10 $OLD Billykirk Messenger Bag 9/10 Retail $250+, $OLD Band of Outsiders Cashmere v-neck Size S 9/10 Retail over $900, $OLD MMM Knit Size S 9/10, Retailed over $500 $OLD Ervell Shirts Size S BNWT 10/10, Retail $230, $OLD Robert Geller Shirt Size 46 (fits 46-48) 8.5/10 $OLD Rick Owens Boiled Wool Pilot Jacket Size M 8.5/10 $OLD Patrik Ervell Unstructured Flannel Blazer Size 40 (fits 38) $OLD Giorgio Brato Sneakers Size 42 (FITS 10-10.5!!) 9/10 Retailed for over $400 $OLD Y's Boots Size 4 (fits 10-11) 8/10 Retailed over $550, $OLD Uniqlo Puffer Jacket Size M 8/10 Retail over $150, $OLD Patrik Ervell Unstructured Wool Blazer Size 38 (fits 36) $OLD! Jil Sander Shirt Size 39 (fits 37) BNWOT 10/10 $OLD Stud Homme 4 Pocket Jacket Size 46, $OLD Ann Demeulemeester Black Paper/Cotton Jacket Size S 9/10 WITHDRAWN Same Ann Demeulemeester Black Suede Jacket Size S 10/10 BNWT Retailed over $2500, $OLD Visvim x Sophnet Kiefer Size 9.5 (fits 10-10.5) 8/10 $OLD
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oops! forgot to put up the cm puffer jacket last night. bunch of measurements added as well
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rick leather added
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That stooges jacket is awesome but too small for me. I believe that if you look in the inside zipper pockets you'll find the wash tag with the season/year.

Good luck on the sale!
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I wish I could think of an excuse to buy the mcqueen shoes, but I haven't the faintest idea what I'd wear them with.
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wish i had the money to buy synthese feet so i can buy those shoes lol. you dont need another cop! keep that jacket or else internets will be mad
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ervell stuff added
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wow great price on unstructured blazer ... would have instakopped if smaller. got mine for 320 so this is a steal
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that jil sander shirt looks great
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Is the Ervell jacket the tweed or the flannel one?
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ervell is flannel. added a bunch of stuff
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lmaozedong, you have some fantastic stuff. Really want those Jil Sander lace-ups, but they're a size too large for me. :/ Could I please get the measurements for the Ervell shirt (size small)?
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Man, I wish that BoO sweater was a L. Good luck
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oops, forgot to add the bag! dont kill me fok, it was a mistake!
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wtf, you keep adding stuff i want to buy.
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