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I can't stand tofu or any kind of imitation meat.
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I dislike all kinds of Russian sausages and sliced and packed cheese...
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Originally Posted by Big Pun View Post
Mayo, and most casseroles. (Which usually contain mayo)

Greenbean cassarole is
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For most of my life, I couldn't bear to eat runny egg yolk. When I was a child, and older relative likened it to snot, and for years, I'd gag every time I tried to eat it. I re-introduced myself to the runny yolk about 5 years ago, and I can tolerate it. I don't think I'll ever come to enjoy it, and frankly, that makes me a little sad.
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Originally Posted by edinatlanta View Post
Greenbean cassarole is

cream of mushroom soup and sour cream.

boring aside: Every time I have to make a casserole for some family gathering, I have to ponder the pros and cons of using Miracle Whip or sour cream. On the one hand, sour cream makes me feel good about expanding the family's horizons and lessening their dependence on that oleaginous gloop that infests our refrigerators. On the other hand, they actually like Miracle Whip and it gets the gloop out of my refrigerator, which is a win/win. Too bad I feel like utter scum for putting Miracle Whip on their plate.
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I eat just about everything under the sun except for tuna fish (BumbleBee/Subway kind), cucumbers, and organ meats.
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Originally Posted by harvey_birdman View Post
I worked at an Arby's in High School and now there's no way I will ever eat fast food again in my life, I don't care how delicious some people claim it is.

This is for you Harvey. I always had a dislike for McDonalds, now it's been buffered.
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Cooked broccoli and cauliflower. I love both raw but I gag when I eat them, I'm sure it is leftover from when I was a kid.
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Whipped cream. I've never been able to eat it.
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Wow, I like pretty much everything people have so far said they dislike. Sushi, Cheese, Mayo, Okra, Tuna- you guys should be PISSED that your minds are against you because they are all excellent. The answer the OP, I couldn't finish my sushi roll the first time I had it and I didn't try it again for a while after that. One day I was watching some show they were eating it on and I thought, "That looks really good." I immediately left my apartment, apparently with the mindset that sushi was suddenly going to be amazing to me. When I got my order, it was. Have loved it since. No idea how that happened, but it has been that way with a number of things for me. One day my mind will just decide that it likes something, and when I go try it again I do. Horseradish and pickles were the latest things.
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Originally Posted by texas_jack View Post
I can honestly say there are no normal food I won't eat. Some I prefer more than others but nothing totally turns me off unless it's like beetle grubs.
may want to choose your words more carefully, i'm fairly certain that foods that would pass for "normal" in other parts of the world would make your stomach churn (balut and monkey brains, for example). personally speaking, i would say squid... unless it's fried (kalamari), in which case I like it. I guess I'm weird like that.
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Other thing that I don´t like at all is wine, red wine specifically.

I guess I´m missing something, as there is a huge culture around it, but I just don´t like it.

I´ve tried it many times, supposedly good expensive ones, others that are supposed to be "beginner wines", telling myself that it is an acquired taste, but I just can´t take a sip without flinching!
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