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Thanks so much for these pics.  Very helpful.


BTW, what leathers are these?



Originally Posted by gd1944 View Post


Semi Dress on C461 Last:





Semi Dress on Semi Dress Standard Last as Contrast:



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Burgundy Chrome Excel and Brown Chrome Excel.

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Starting to get a few scuff's on the toe's of my semi-dress'..any recommendations? obenouf's?


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yes. that`s what I use
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disregard (posted in wrong thread)
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The block heel looks so much worse then the cuban.

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+ 1 shouldn't even have to be said
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Originally Posted by Kashiwa View Post

I'm glad to see that so many people are jumping on board. Unfortunately, however, I need to bail from this order. Of course I realize that is an awfully low thing to do, being as I got this ball rolling. Trust me, if I didn't need to bail, then I wouldn't be doing this.
But, anyway, looking for someone to take over the quarterback position. Please PM me if you are willing to do so.

what are you referring to?

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^^ Thanks! Just realized that I posted that in the wrong thread! Sorry!
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Thinking about getting this build with a cap toe and a cream liner. The leather here is White's black dress leather. Shit looks svelte as fuck.

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apologies for less-than-stellar photos. specs for my semi-dress:
- black chromexel. lined in tan leather
- swing last
- close trim
- medallion captoe
- single leather sole
- brown edge
- lowered std. heel
- all antique hooks

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the specs sound great but I really don't dig the swing last; they would have looked killer with a standard last imo
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I'm not sure it's the swing last so much as it is the combination with a single leather sole and lowered heel. The top of the boot looks as though it's crushing the bottom, an effect that would not occur with a double leather sole and a standard heel height. If one were set on the sole combination being as is, I would agree with Slab that the lowest profile last would be ideal.

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Does the toe of the swing last curl up more than the standard semi-dress last?
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Yes - photo at top of page

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