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Found an'as new' pair of FR's on ebay for a good price, couldnt resist. Its been a long time since Ive tried the standard SJ last and Im really liking it.

The difference in toe shape from BH says it all...happy pinky toes. My BH's have broken in pretty well, but the SJ last feels better from the get go. Now looks goes to the BH, but my wife says they look the same...
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Originally Posted by sumo69 View Post

Oxfords arrived. 4 weeks and 2 days after ordering from White's.

Awesome oxfords sumo!  Didn't know Whites was making oxfords from the swing last - how'd you come to that configuration?  Did you just ask for it or did they offer to make them that way?


I'm really liking them, would love to set up a pair in dress brown and external heel counter.

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Thank you Kissmyanthia! I asked for that set-up. I have two pairs of semi-dress boots, one in standard last and one in swing last. The swing last fits my foot better so I asked for a pair of retro style oxfords, but in swing last. The White's rep said no problem. Also wanted to lower the profile to wear them with dress pants so dropped the heel by a 1/4 inch and went single sole.
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The oxfords are really nice, sumo. Could you do a few more pics – possibly including a top-down view? I'm really curious about how the swing last looks from various perspectives.

Also, what size are they? 

Thanks in advance.

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TH3515, I appreciate the compliment! The build I requested is in post #8283 above. They are size 12EE. My swing last semidress boots are 12.5 EE and my standard semidress last boots are 12.5 EEE. You can see them all below. I wear thin socks with the oxfords and the drop down in size was a good call. The oxfords are brown dress leather like the swing last boots, but thinner and lighter. Still a substantial shoe, though. By the way, I darkened the sole edge up since the last picture. Hope these pictures are what you are looking for.

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^ thank you for the pics, that's very helpful!

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Little update on my new smoke jumpers.  Natural cxl.  10", Worn every day for about two months working construction.  I was a little worried about how the cxl would hold up but they are by far my favorite pair of Whites so far!


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Originally Posted by sumo69 View Post
That is a really nice profile...enjoy them!

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How much would it cost to get an 8-inch boot made up by White's? I checked the last ten pages of the thread, but couldn't find an answer.

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An unlined Smokejumper in one of the standard oil-tan leathers will be around 430$. Add around 30$ for Chromexcel leather, 60$ for French Calf, several hundred $ for one of the exotics, and so on and so forth. But it starts around 430$.


8 inch is one of the standard heights, so on all models where it is available (almost all models except the Semi-Dress and obviously the Oxford) it will be the same price as, say, a six or ten inch boot. Price depends on model, build details and leather choice – you can configure your boot either on Bakers website (for example the Smokejumper  here ) or on Baker's Build-a-Boot website  – in both cases you can see the price change as a direct result of the choices you make.

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Originally Posted by Kissmyanthia View Post

Much obliged, Kissmyanthia!  I was wondering if I should have gone with a standard height block heel and a double leather sole or some type of additional vibram sole, but I think they look good as is.

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A quick note about speed hooks. 


I have always hated them. I have a pair of wolverines with them. They bend, they crush the lace, they catch on things, they make it uncomfortable to cross my ankles.


The white's I got on ebay have them though.


The speed hooks on the White's are entirely different. They are small, they don't catch on things, they are very strong and don't bend. 


My next pair will have them. 

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Hi all.

Been trying to figure out a leather to use for black Whites.


These will be for casual use.  I want a leather that will take a shine and am not sure which one that would be.


Dress, CXL ,Bullhide........?


Thanks in advance for any input.

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Love my Whites. I have been wearing Whites for a number of years one and my feet are very happy. I have shortish wide feet 9 EE and they love these boots.

My second pair. 1 year old.

So I recently got two pair of SD 9EE swing last. They fit 1/2 size long. Still comfortable but to long. I have worn one pair twice and the other is still in the box.

The second is brown horse hide and same as above for sale in Buy and Sell

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