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Originally Posted by daveinsweethome View Post

I have both venetian and bicks 4 and found out I like the bicks better just after buying a quart of venetian on amazon. oh well.  use it on my bison every couple of months.

Is your Bison the same as my Bison? Do you have a picture of your boots after treatment?

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Originally Posted by mboon85 View Post

These came today, and I thought I'd post a picture just because. They're untreated, but again I live in Seattle. I threw some Montana's Pitch Blend on the seam on the outsole. I haven't touched the upper leather at vamp/upper/heel. I have Montana's, Venetian, and Saphyr Graisse (i think). 

Is Horween a good candidate for the heat-in-oven-then-slather technique? I don't want to mess these up on day one. Can I wear these in light rain and just make sure I dry them at home? I want them to patina like a mo-fo but i don't want to ruin anything irrevocably right out of the box. 

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Originally Posted by mr. burns View Post

looks more like nicks.

I wondered..
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best pic is my avatar.  didn/t change color at all. 

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weren't labeled as horsehide. just "Brown Chromexcel" Semi Dress 11.5D. For the price i grabbed these had, I am assuming they aren't horsehide. 

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Originally Posted by daveinsweethome View Post

best pic is my avatar.  didn/t change color at all. 

Your bison looks more pebbled compared to my bison. mine is  dry and light in spots, dark in other, and it changes color as you flex it. Quite cool, but i am concerned those characteristics would change with conditioning. 

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a number of people say to do nothing for some time with new boots.  I am too impatient for that but the bicks doesn't seem to change the color much and returns to original quickly.  looking at them tonight they seem more alligator on the shafts rather than pebbly.  just a great choice for my first pair on Kyles recommendation.  in your own words cool;  I would just leave them untreated for now.

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I second that. Leave them untreated, and do nothing to them other than oiling them every few years. Unless you are working in the dirt in them outside for hours a day on a regular basis. They don't need any treating.


My opinion on this is frequently shouted down, but I feel that people should know that I've been wearing the same pairs of boots for years and I don't do much more for chromexcel other than brushing them after wearing them all day and applying some neatsfoot oil every few years. That's once every few years. 


And actually, I don't even really do that. Every few years they are ready for a resole, and the shoe guy who resoles them treats the leather as part of the resoling, so I don't even do anything at all to them.


I do shine my smooth leathers pretty often, but for chromexcel, you don't have to do anything to it at all. It will never have a mirror shine, but regular brushing gives it a nice satin finish. And that's it, simple. 

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Emailed Baker my foot tracings. Hopefully this will confirm or improve sizing. I've been wearing a 9EE in both the SD and the Nomad but sometimes I feel like I get left foot pain. There's slight difference in my feet but I wonder if it's enough to make a difference in sizing.
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White's Bounty Hunter 6” 

Here is my order I made through Bakers, and they sent to White's. 



Celastic Toe Box: NONE (soft toe) 


Height: 6" Upper (Shaft) 

Leather : Distressed Smooth Sole 

Trim: Standard Trim (Double row welt) 

Top: Cut Back Stay 

Leather: Distressed Smooth (all same leather) 

Pull Loop: NO 

Eyelet Color: Antique Eyelet 

Configuration : Hook on top 3 Eyelet Lace 

Design: Plain Toe 

Lace: Leather 


Sole: Vibram 269 

Heel Shape: Standard Heel 

Standard Last: Semi Dress 

Midsole: Single Midsole/Edge 

Color: Distressed Smooth 

Size - Length: 11 Size - Width: FF Please make with extra large gusset/tongue





Fit is pretty close to perfect. When I'm already in the boot and walk around, I can see how they will eventually form to my very wide feet. Even though my right foot is just wide enough and the left is width to wide. This is a very small difference as I’m keeping the boots due to how well they fit on my feet.


Leather is AWESOME! it is just the right thickness and very soft. Glad I went with the distressed smooth, should wear and darken over time very nicely. 


Vibram 269 looks fantastic! I really like the look of these soles, hope I don't have the issues some others have had. I think they are different than the pictures I have seen posted earlier on this thread. My first impression, was the small treads were not as long as what I have seen online. I like the look and feel and especially the thickness of the vibram. I don't they will ever need to be re-soled for generations. I also like how the Vibram tappers into the heal. The sole itself is gorgeous! I really like how wide the sold is and glad I went with the stand trim, and color.


Over all impressions are very positive. I think these boots will last forever, they are so well built and thick and solid to the touch.





Tongue: Custom didn’t quite work for me. I don’t think I got the ‘extra leather’ on the gause or tongue built into the boot. Not a big issue, but I knew through the 2 try-on pair of boots that getting my foot with my high arches into and out of the boot were going to be difficult. I ordered the extra leather to help alleviate the tight fit. They are very tight going on and taking off, but fit so well once on that I’ll live with it as it will eventually work itself loose. I included a picture of the leather ‘tongue’ and would like to know if anyone else has the same, smaller, or larger leather piece that fits under the laces.


Hooks: I really didn’t want hooks, but knew from past experience they are nice for quick on and off. I was going to go with just 2 hooks and studied on the forum and decided to go with the top tree hooks and 5 eye-lets. Not sure how it got messed up, but instead I only got 3 eye-lets towards the toe and 4 hooks with another eye-let on the top. This is quite disappointing, as this is the opposite of what I wanted, but again easy to work around. I’ll ask Kyle at bakers how they fix this and if it would be worth the effort. I would think ‘reworking’ the boot would involve a ‘repair job’ and weaken the boot so will have to think about it more.


Arch Ease: WOW, is it going to take some wear to break in the ‘ledge’ on the bottom of the boot. I have read enough to know that everyone has to break in the boot and this will turn into a positive with a little wear, so will not worry to much and just make sure I wear them a little every day till they form to the bottom of my foot. (or my foot forms to the boot) I’m currently wearing a pair of boots 20+ years old and are completely formed to my foot, so I don’t think this is a big deal just got to work with them. I do wish I started with a quality boot when I was younger, I have learned to never underestimate a quality tool.


I'll post an update after talking with Kyle at bakers and follow-up on the break in cycle. Any pointers on the best way to break in a pair of White’s would be helpful. I hear you fill a bucket with water and stand in them with your boots on… kidding, I’m only kidding. I WILL NOT STAND IN WATER, to break in a pair of boots. 










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they look great. glad they fit well. that's really strange what they did with the hooks. i don't think they can really be redone or repaired without redoing the whole upper. would be interesting to know if they did it for functional reasons or if they just goofed, because kyle told me they decide the hook and eyelet configuration on a case by case basis, but most come out with 4 eyelet + 3 hooks, then the top eyelet. i must have pretty high arches because it wasn't a very dramatic feeling when i felt the arch ease at first. it actually felt great from the start.
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Pictures really are a poor substitute for holding a pair of Whites. So I'm going to post a few more. As you can see from my old Justin boots I was walking on the leather, poorly fit, and I think the only thing holding them together was the Vibram sole. Also a shot of how the White's under the Justin's just to show how well a fit the whites are compared to an ill fitting boot. 


White's is just a Great piece of workmanship, I recommend everyone have at least one pair. 


already emailed Kyle about the hooks and eye-lets, will find out tomorrow what the fix is. 





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those look fantastic. hope they can straighten out the hooks for you. 

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The new boots look fantastic! I wish many happy years wearing them wherever your life takes you.

Switching between hooks and eyelets is fairly simple for any decent cobbler. As long as the job is done well, I doubt it causes any problems for the durability of the boot. However, you mentioned difficulty getting the boots on and off, so being able to quickly unlace them farther might actually be good. In any case, I hope it all gets resolved to your complete satisfaction.
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those look amazing. A good cobbler should handle that eyelet problem no sweat. Wear them in good health!

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