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Any build with a block heel is going to look funny.

And drag. Don't treat the block vs cuban heel as an aesthetic choice, White's has spent 100+ years fine tuning the fit on these boots, don't move the heel backwards by an inch on a whim.
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Originally Posted by mrUnicorn View Post

this is quite confusing

I'm sorry but what is confusing? The options I listed are all possible configurations listed on the Baker website. Should I describe it differently?

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I like the look of the lowered block heel, also the guy at white's told me there was not a huge difference in boot function with either heel
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This does not address your heel question, but has the different sole options...

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Here`s the heel difference.


I may be in the minority, but I believe that one`s leg movements quickly adapt to the difference in heel.


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Originally Posted by hollowsleather View Post

Any build with a block heel is going to look funny.
And drag. Don't treat the block vs cuban heel as an aesthetic choice, White's has spent 100+ years fine tuning the fit on these boots, don't move the heel backwards by an inch on a whim.

Wise, very wise.
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'got standard [Cuban] heels on my SJs & Packers__ the SDs are on block heels w/c were 1/4" lowered.

the "drag" is not so pronounced on a lowered block..
however, quite honestly, the Cuban walks more comfortably & gives a more normal, solid gait.
'agree that the boots were originally designed/engineered for the Cuban__ "arc-ease" is optimized, imo.

actually, i only tried the block to personally experience the difference__ the plan was to get them tapered once i re-heel icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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So a year and a half after starting this page, I think we have accumulated a lot of great information for everyone to rely on when creating custom White's Boots.

In fact, I went ahead and ordered a new pair myself.
With my first order, I called White's directly. This order I went through Baker's.

I couldn't resist the calling of the Natural Chromexcel leather by Horween.
There are only a few sample shots from previous boots made with this leather from Whites, but it seems very promising.
From what photos are available online from some other models, it appears to age very, very well.

My new setup:
Bounty Hunter - 6" smoke jumper styling on a semi dress last.
Leather: As above, entire boot Natural Chromexcel with a cream liner.
Single celastic toe.
Natural color, standard cuban heel, normal height.
Single midsole with a Vibram 269.
Close Trim
Antique eyes with hooks.
No toe box.
Rolled top.

For sizing, I had Kyle confirm my previous tracing at Whites was setup as a 10.5 D. So we are using the same sizing, which was spot on with the last boots( SD, brown dress leather, single leather sole, block heel 1/4" lowered)

A couple things I am curious about:
How will the Chromexcel leather stretch? How will I like the Vibram 269 sole compared to my previous single leather sole? Will the chromexcel leather feel any different on my feet than my previous SD brown dress leather? How will the leather look after some time, and some Obenaufs?

Can't wait to find out.

Current wait time is about 8-10 weeks. Which is twice as long as it was when I originally ordered in Jan '11.
However, if the end result is the same as the last boots, I dont think I will care about the wait.
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I can say that chromexcel leather has a lot of potential to stretch, so it is advantageous to have a snug fit from the get go. Additionally, don't treat the leather right away, the finish will be more than enough to protect it for a good time while it develops your unique patina.


Sounds like a great makeup and I look forward to pics!

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Hollowsleather has the only pair of natural cxl White's that I know of.  There are pics here and at Super Future.  Looks fantastic.  My CXL has stretched, so dont be surprised in a few months of wear if they get a bit loose. 

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Sorry if this has already been answered - but I looked through a significant portion of this thread and didn't see anything about size limitations.  I had never heard of White's boots until seeing this thread, and I absolutely love the look of them.  I wear a size 16 in dress shoes (usually a 17 in sneakers) and have a hell of a time finding good looking boots or shoes. 



Does anyone know if Whites will make a size 16?  Does anyone happen to know if their lasts go up to a 16/17?  I'll give them a call, but thought I'd just see if I have any fellow big-footed friends here.

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Was looking through Baker`s site, and saw the pulldown was up to 15, but worth a call to Whites I would say, good luck

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Yeah I think somebody else mentioned on here or elsewhere that 15 is the biggest they make. Give them a call smile.gif

CXL stretches a lot
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Yeah, for anything other than cosmetic purposes I would advise against chromexcel. I have some Quoddys made with green cxl and it's a great soft leather for a little shoe that molds to your foot, but I wouldn't rely on it for a boot. I sold off my cxl boots after they stretched beyond comfort.

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Yeah I assumed the chromexcel would stretch.
I however, still went with the same sizing as the last pair of SD boots I ordered because they fit so well.
Plus, I hand't planned on using them for intense purposes. Mostly style. That Natural Chromexcel just looks so amazing.

I'm hoping the leather lining and celastic toe box will prevent the leather from stretching so much that the boot is unusable ever.

The only other picture of natural chromexcel Whites, besides the Hollows Leather boots, are on Baker's Facebook page.
He has two other boots made with Natural Chromexcel aside from the aforementioned boot.
Looks promising for a future patina.

Anyone have any thoughts about the leather liner, celastic toe and the chromexcel leather stretching excessively?
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