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gotcha, thanks! guessing it just keeps um clean and gives a bit of a worn look?

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if you brushed your boots while fighting fires, it would probably extend the life of the boot.  Brushing removes all that bullshit that cakes on the leather.  If there is ash or dirt on the leather, and you put Obenaufs on over all of it, the dirt and ash acts as an abrasive.  

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OK, i gotcha now...ive always brushed the dirt/mud/ash off my boots before ive oiled or greased them, just didnt think that sd's would get dirty enough for the need to brush...

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You all have heard or seen cracks in leather boots - those are either caused by drying out or by small dust particles getting into the creases and acting like sandpaper. Thats why just a brush after use is a very good idea. A moisture coating (conditioner) an even better one. Brush often, condition every so often...

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i guess Kyle must've been busy.
maybe, some1 else can buzz in regarding 461 sizing smile.gif

.... oh, btw, any idea how much Baker's or White's charge for re-sizing?
Originally Posted by IIIrd Icon View Post

@Kyle__ how do i size on the Classic 461?
is it closer to the SD or SJ?
... the reason i asked cuz [from experience] the SD last seemed to run 1/2 size longer than the SJ

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You should e-mail him or call Bakers.  

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from my experience condtioning your boots when they dont need it will make the leather softer and sometimes thehy stretch out and gets old easily
I agree with this. Try putting the same amount on wear on cow/calf/horse leather and chromexcel but the latter would tend to break down faster than the first three. Dunno if it`s just me
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Hi guys, What is the different between Farmer-Rancher and Smoke Jumper?

Thanks for helps! :)

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dont buy CXL for a work boot.  Buy it for a more casual boot.  It will still hold up and is still durable, its just way more supple and pliable.

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what's going on guys?


new to the forum -- I'm SuperFuture -- but glad to finally be on here as well.


been going through this entire white's thread while waiting for mine to arrive; it's been helping but the wait is unbearable!


anyways, this is a fairly obvious question but I couldn't seem to see a definitive answer/example of this anywhere, as it looks like the majority of you guys order through bakers and not directly through white's. 


the "standard" composition sole -- what is it? no real information through whites, and i see a lot of vibram 700, half soles, commando soles, etc but nothing really labeled as full composition sole. the more typical build. a lot of you boys are gettin all fancy....

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quite a few urban-dwelling folks around here live quite a sedentary lifestyle for their "builds" ... including me, ie shog[1].gifsmile.gif

anyway, my understanding is, "composition" soles simply meant they're not just pure rubber__ the make-up varies depending on utility/purpose & level of performance .... ie, composite half-sole #705 & the #700 are of same material, while "fire & ice" #100 lug [w/c are used in forest fire-fighting] has a higher performance rating__ better grip on icy surface & much greater resistance to heat.


Originally Posted by natabasco View Post

Hi guys, What is the different between Farmer-Rancher and Smoke Jumper?
SmokeJumper = Lug #100, always.
FarmerRancher = not on #100__ the regular stock/prod'n are usually on Vibram #700
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Just posted this as a separate thread by accident, when I meant to post here:



Hey, I have just found White's boots (after a decade of wearing my old Chippewa cap toes) and also this forum.  I've done some research to figure out some of the many options, but have a quick question.  Can anyone post pictures of the "2012 Classic Work Boot" as advertisd on Baker's?


I find lots of pictures of the Semi-Dress, but not of this "Classic."  And can anyone describe briefly the differences between the two boots?


Finally, here's a dumb newby question probably -- How does one get the alternating black/natural look in the heel?  Seems like some soles have the rubber strip running back through the heel (which I like) and others are a block of packed leather of one color (as in the Baker's picture link above).



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Half-soles = solid stacked leather heels... eg, on Vibram composite half-soles
Full sole unit = "alternating black/natural" heels [natural trim option]... eg, Vibram 100, 700, 430, etc.

as for the Classic 2012, it just came out around the 2nd quarter of this year, so i don't think you'd find much here nor the in the other forums just yet.
i am planning to get a pair built [in black leather combo], but still trying to dial in on sizing for the classic 461 last.

... any1 got info on sizing?!
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Thanks IIIrd Icon.   If anyone does happen to have a picture, experience with the Classic, please weigh in.


As far as 461 Last goes, I sent an email to Baker asking about the differences between the Semi-Dress and the Classic Dress, and they wrote back that the main difference was the 461 Last, which has a bit of an upturned toe (a la 1930s 40s style I gather), but that otherwise they profile is the same. So I assume that means sizing would be the same as a standard last, but with the upturn...

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just trace your foot and send it to Bakers.  Dont rely on internet forums for sizing advice.  Too many variables that just get lost in the explanation process.

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