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Jeez, I cant believe I dodnt post my boots here as well.  So many forums, I get confused.  I recognize a few boots here from other forums.  


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Yeah lol I follow the White`s threads on ironheart, fedoralounge, and sufu but I am only a member here and on sufu.

I also posted my boots on USN
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Nice boots! 1/4 lowered?
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yes, -1/4".  When it comes time for a resole, I think im going to do a full 430 sole with normal height.  

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^'afraid the half-sole + slanted heels + 1/4" lowering = not a good idea. i thought the half-sole + 1/4" lowering on "Swing" last & blocked heels were a sound combination ... & it felt that way when i 1st got them. there was almost zero break in time due to the upturned toe of the swing last. but, later i realized there's something OFF__ aesthetically, as well as utility-wise.

i don't know if it's actual or just visual, but it seems there's a significant change on boots when you combine the half-soles + 1/4" lowering options. when it's time for re-heel, i'm planning to bring them up by 1/4" [to standard] & gun for a slight heel taper like on the Viberg boots.

SemiDress 5'" HorseHide MTO: Bison toe caps & backstays :: Swing Last [_i know it's not for every1]:: Vibram composite half-soles + Quabaug block heels [1/4 lowered] ::




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That's some very cool combination! nod[1].gif
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those look great! Not sure about the red laces myself, but the boots are awesome.
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tnx peeps!

yeah i got 3 pairs of laces i interchange.
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my 4 year old whites semi dress 1 resole

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Originally Posted by mrUnicorn View Post

my 4 year old whites semi dress 1 resole

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my 3 and a half year old smoke jumper resoled once



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RE-SOLED, not re-heeled, right? __wow, you really wear them out.
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yes sir the old sole and hell was cats paw .. easily worn out . so now its in vibram 435 and quabaug heel
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you use for construction or something?
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yes for construction and motorcycle use
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